Law filled with loopholes
The Hutchinson News - December 15, 2008

Under our Constitution the first responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens. When it comes to marriage fraud, the United States government has failed and in many instances will collaborate with perpetrators.

Because of the Violence Against Woman Act, a foreign national, man or woman, can claim they were abused, verbally or physically, by their American spouse and they may be granted a visa. The standards of proof held by the immigration service under VAWA are so low they are nonexistent.

The American spouse of the foreigner has no right to know of claims made against them unless a criminal charge is filed. In effect, the foreigner can say anything, and you, a citizen of the United States, have no right to defend yourself, no matter how scurrilous the lies may be.

Keep in mind the foreigner making the claim of abuse has a vested interest in making you sound as bad as possible and will be represented by an attorney who specializes in doing whatever it takes, no matter how unethical, to destroy your good name.

Who is there to defend this citizen? No one; you are at the mercy of whatever distortion a high paid lawyer can conjure, all done in darkness, behind closed doors – a government turning against its own citizens.

On the surface, VAWA sounds great; how can anyone be against violence against woman? But with any legislation, the devil is always in the details. VAWA has opened loopholes in the law big enough to drive a bus through. And many predatory foreigners armed with foreknowledge of these loopholes and ready lists of attorneys are boarding that bus for a free trip to the U.S. at the expense and welfare of an American citizen.