If you should find yourself before a Reno county court, fasten your seat belt, you may be in for a bumpy ride.
You may find the Judge handling your case is not the impartial arbiter we have been led to believe they should be. You may find that some of Reno counties finest use the bench to dispense justice according to personal prejudice, rather than the intent of the law.

The sad fact is some judges of the 27th district have held office so long they have acquired a sense of infallibility, power corrupts, and in my opinion, with the Reno county courts, this is true.

In my view, the 27th judicial district has an odd assortment of eccentric, retaliatory individuals who use their power as an extension of their personal beliefs and opinions and will retaliate against those who may defy their wisdom.

To some extent, these individuals have spent little time earning a living other than at taxpayer expense and may be incapable of doing otherwise. They have become creatures of a privileged bureaucracy.

If you find yourself before a Reno county court, retain an attorney from another area whose livelihood does not depend on going before these judges. This simple expensive act may turn a loss into a victory.

Always order a copy of the court transcript, you may be surprised by the inaccuracies, if not outright lies you discover.

Never go to court or into the Judge’s chambers without independent witnesses present. If you arrive at court and see the opposing attorney coming out of the judge's chamber, be afraid, be very afraid.

This means the opposing advocate has had first contact with our “impartial jurist”. Is this ethical?

Never let ethics stand in the way of our local judiciary. With the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualification acting as goalkeeper for the 27th Judicial district. Reno County Judges stand safe from all but the most egregious ethical violations. Gregory H. Bontrager

Harsh judgment
The Hutchinson News / September 17,2007

How many citizens of Reno County have found themselves before our esteemed 27th judicial district?

How many of you have had one of our ‘guardians of justice’ place bald-faced lies about your supposed courtroom conduct in public record.

How many of you have read sworn court transcripts listing you as present in court, when you were home in bed? I have. All of our jurists are of the highest character, or are they?

I guess the question is have enough citizens of Reno County seen the dark side of our legal/judicial system as it works on an everyday basis? If you haven’t, you may be in for a surprise.

Here is good news. We don’t need a revolution or revolt to change this system. The founders of our nation have given us all the tools we need to effect change. Go to the polls and vote. With a little involvement we can make our community a better place to live. GREG BONTRAGER Hutchinson