Beware of predator
Beware of predator

Beware of 'predator'
The Hutchinson News - February 23, 2010

Citizens of the United States beware. At this moment, you are being stalked by a cunning,
sophisticated predator. Thousands of American men and women have fallen victim to this
ruthless hunter. The tool this predator uses is a smile, and the warm embrace of a lover.

This predator has one goal, to gain entry into the United States by marrying an American
citizen. Once this objective is accomplished, you have served your purpose. You will be
discarded like a rag. Be assured this predator is not alone. He or she will have access to
attorneys who specialize in distorting the intent of our legal system.

No matter how unethical, they will get the job done. The predator, through legal maneuvering,
is now transformed into a "victim.— Gregory H. Bontrager

If you marry a Russian or Ukrainian woman, beware you will get ripped off!