The Wichita Eagle

Experts raise alarm after Biden
strikes agreement with China
to shut down fossil fuels.

by Thomas Catenacci
High fuel prices boil down to calculated policy decisions made by the Biden administration to devolve our domestic fossil fuel industry based on debatable science that we are in a climate emergency.

These disastrous policies could be reversed with the stroke of a pen if only President Biden wasn’t attached at the hip to the eco-left.

This same ideological ilk told us that they “just follow the science” during the Covid-19 pandemic only to find out how specious their self-serving science was. ‘Fake science’ along with ‘fake news’ has become part of the American lexicon.

The Biden administration’s inane energy policies facilitated Vladimir Putin’s ability to invade Ukraine by increasing world dependence on Russian oil.

We’ve gone from Trump era energy dominance to groveling at the feet of other oil producing nations to hypocritically increase their oil production for our benefit.

From Biden’s first day in office the non-Chinese world has been in an energy related state of artificially induced economic chaos.

Policies threaten our Constitution
The Great Bend Tribune

Hollywood Actor
Matthew McConaughey
calling for a total civilian ban
on assault weapons

As America’s ethnic and cultural identity is being torn asunder by Joe Biden’s immigration criminality and mask mandates are being reimposed on many Americans, coronavirus infected illegal’s are being negligently shipped throughout the United States. Who will stand up for the citizens born here and that came legally?

The people who built this country, fought the wars, pay the taxes and patrol the mean streets in police uniforms are being propelled into second class status by philosophical degenerates who have an absolute belief in their own supremacy. They twist our children with elitist lies like ‘critical race theory’ and obliterate high paying jobs in the name of hogwash called ‘global climate change’.

While sitting in gated communities with taxpayer funded security protecting their own backsides, they try to destroy the second amendment to the Constitution. A constitution whose only value to them is a punch line in the malignant propaganda they spew.

Stealing technology
Topeka Capital-Journal
While the United States slumbers, an insidious assault is being perpetrated against our nation by the People’s Republic of China. As reported by Peter Brookes, of the Heritage Foundation, the U.S. has become a virtual supermarket of unabated theft of military and commercial technology.

With our preoccupation with the war on terror this looming superpower, more powerful and deadly than the former Soviet Union, is aggressively seeking to supplant the U.S. as the pre-eminent military and economic power on the globe.

Following a policy of appeasement the Biden administration has abysmally failed to protect the American people from the Chinese. Why design for yourself when you can steal the best? And steal they do, from nuclear war heads to toaster ovens. According to Brooks, the PRC has 3,500 front companies in the U.S. whose sole purpose is the theft of our technology..

While Red China plays military and economic hardball, the Biden administration remains oblivious, exposing America to what may be the greatest threat to our national survival in modern history.

France could be on the brink of civil war
by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

A vote against Kansas with open arms
Topeka Capital-Journal

   My name is

Kayla Hamilton
       I died because of
        Joe Biden and
         Gov. Laura Kellys
        open border
Gov. Kelly welcomes refugees to Kansas!

Just what Kansas needs to follow in the footsteps of Germany, France and Sweden! We need to make sure Kelly is a one-term governor and have an exit strategy for these refugees. Preferably back to where they came from or the neighborhood Gov. Kelly lives in

Lives of innocent Americans should be
considered in illegal immigration debate
Topeka Capital-Journal
The first time I became aware of the devastating effects of criminal activity perpetrated against American citizen by illegal aliens came shortly after I graduated from the Emergency Medical Technician program at Wichita State University.

I was working as a volunteer with the Sedgwick County EMS reserve when the unit I was stationed with responded to a multi-car accident. When we arrived at the scene several automobiles where overturned and the smell of gasoline permeated the air.

Wichita fire department personnel worked skillfully to stabilize the scene and extract an elderly couple who had been pinned in their vehicle. I participated in CPR on one of the victims but unfortunately both citizens died as a result of the injury’s they sustained.

I found out later the accident was caused by an illegal alien who had stolen a car and then attempted to evade the police in a high speed chase.

I never learned the fate of the perpetrator of this crime but I often wonder how many times a day innocent Americans are victimized at the hands of illegals who have no right to be in the United States.

I wish our president and supporters of the sanctuary city concept cared as much about the lives of innocent Americans as they do increasing their voter base.

brutally obvious strategic blunders

Beware the masked man
Great Bend Tribune

Biden Created A Disaster He Can’t Solve
Biden Caught Lying To Military Families
Biden Family Is Officially In Panic Mode

Joe Biden has been wearing a mask again. Is this truly a protective measure or a preview of the upcoming 2024 election when he retreats back into the basement? Masks like “Black Lives Matter” or the “Russia collusion hoax” are Democratic paradigms that have fallen into disrepute, only to be resurrected if there is anything left of value to be milked out of them.

Someone is fibbing
Great Bend Tribune
When Biden became president he assured the American people that anyone making under $400,000 per year would not receive a tax increase. I am fixed income in the $30,000 to $40,000 range yet my federal tax burden has doubled each year under the Biden administration.

As Mr. Spock might say – it’s only logical to assume that someone was fibbing.

The Kansas City Star
How painfully embarrassing it was to watch former Vice President Joe Biden grovel at the inaptly named Biden Courage Awards in New York on March 26.

And on Feb. 17, Biden told a European audience in Munich, Germany, that America is an embarrassment.

This is the same Biden who withdrew from the 1988 presidential race after plagiarizing a speech by British Labor leader Neil Kinnock.

Has there ever been a creepier assortment of Democrats running for president? They can’t shed their skins fast enough to keep pace with their shameless pandering.

Try representing the interests of America for a change instead of appeasing the Robespierre/George Soros wing of the Democratic Party.

The Kansas City Star
Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden seems to be following the Hillary Clinton strategy of limiting his contact with the public.

Let controlled exposure, name recognition and the illusion of moral fiber carry him to the Democratic nomination. Blending into the weeds is a Darwinian survival skill Biden has mastered with scary proficiency.

Biden’s team is attempting to project a “woke” image for an old-time politician who carries a ton of baggage. His only remarkable feature is a willingness to jettison decades-old convictions at the drop of a dime.

Who is the real Joe Biden from minute to minute? That has yet to be determined by the demands of political expediency.

The Biden team knows that, as with the portrait of Dorian Gray, the less of the real Joe people see, the greater his odds for political survival become.

It’s time for immigration reform
Great Bend Tribune
Be bold and protect America! It’s time to play hardball and mean it! Call a national emergency and mobilize the military to patrol our border. We seem to be helping everyone else around the world protect theirs.

If need be, use tear gas and water cannons to repel groups who try to forcibly breach our border. This strategy worked for the nation of Hungary.

Don’t let one of these Gucci-clad, cellphone toting freeloaders set foot on U.S. soil to begin with.

Despite all the acrimony, the nation will rally behind any president, Republican or Democrat, who does this.

The next step is to systematically purge the nation of illegal residents and visa overstays. This was successfully done on a smaller scale during the Eisenhower administration.

No matter where you came from, if you are here illegally you need to go. Maybe you should try obeying our laws to begin with! If you’ve already shown a willingness to break U.S. law, how can we expect anything else from you?

Stop the anchor baby scam! As an American citizen I’m tired of being taken advantage of by self-entitled foreigners.

Pathologically irrational
The Hutchinson News
illegal immigration americans are seething
Because of pandering to his base by the brilliant Joe Biden, the U.S./Mexican border has begun the descent from Trump-era stability into Obama-era calamity.

With Trump, it was back across the border you go, with Biden its catch and release into the heartland of America using the highly problematic honor system to appear in court at a later date.

From Trump border order, into the nirvana of chaos so loved by the pathologically irrational American progressive movement, it’s California here we come!

Nefarious infiltration - Stealing technology - This is a friend?

The Wichita Eagle
We need to develop a way to expedite the deportation of large numbers of foreign nationals who are illegally entering or maintaining residence in the United States. The American taxpayer should not be expected to foot the bill for people who have no moral or legal right to be here.

Sanctuary cities should be dealt with swiftly and, if need be, aggressively. The anchor-baby loophole is being ruthlessly exploited by foreign nationals and no longer serves the purpose for which it was originally intended. This antiquated provision in the law needs to be eliminated.

We need to be selective in the people we grant citizenship to. They must reflect our religious, moral and constitutional values. If they don’t, they have no business being granted citizenship.

We are not citizens of the world, but of the United States of America. Our obligation is to our own welfare first, not the rest of the world. The days of accepting freeloaders into our midst must come to an end.

Biden and fentanyl
The Hutchinson News
  Fentanyl Crisis
 Direct Result
 of Joe Biden’s
 Reckless Open
 Border Policies

Joe Biden, the precipitous increase in fentanyl deaths, China and the open border? What do they have in common? You can’t have one without the other!

To be fair, fentanyl was a problem before the Biden presidency, but the negligent, and, some would say, criminal administration policies have turned a problem into an existential crisis.

At what point do American citizens have a right and a constitutional duty to defend themselves and their children against the kinetic maleficence of a regime that demonstrably seems to be acting against their best interests, and indeed their very survival?

The Wichita Eagle
The same media that is hounding President Trump are the same ideological malcontents that gave President Obama a free pass for eight lost years of American history. Finally, the middle class has a friend in the White House.

If you like welfare, food stamps or unchecked borders, Obama is the man for you. But if you work for a living or own your own business, Trump is on your side. Despite media hype, the age of the working man has arrived, as personified by Trump.

No more apologies will be accepted from America-hating elitists and the clueless children they foster on college campuses.

The American worker will no longer be held hostage to insane regulations by runaway bureaucracies such as the Environmental Protection Agency or rogue tax collectors in the IRS who have been weaponized by Democrats to suppress political opposition.

The Democratic Party cares more about the rights of illegal aliens than your children being able to walk safely down the streets of their own neighborhoods.

Whether they sit on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or the city councils of sanctuary cities, it is time to push aside these apostate Americans and take our country back

From order comes Biden’s chaos
Great Bend Tribune
Business is booming if you’re a Fentanyl manufacturer, human trafficker or looking to hawk the latest American military equipment abandoned by the stunning incompetence of Joseph R. Biden’s precipitous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Not to mention the thousands of American citizens and NATO allies who were callously left to fend for themselves at the hands of the brutal Taliban. NATO member Prime Minister Janez Jansa said on Aug. 16 this is the “Greatest defeat for NATO in history.”

From his first day in office, America and the world have discovered the hard way that Biden’s governance can be summed up succinctly with the phrase, “from order comes chaos.” Everything this man and his regime touch seems to spiral into the abyss.

In my view, American citizens, third-world migrants, Afghan interpreters and our NATO partners’ only value is to serve the needs of Joe Biden and his Democratic base in callus pursuit of their own radical agenda.

Climate fairy tale
Hutchinson News

Global warming the
greatest scam in
history claims founder
of weather channel.

Global warming the
greatest scam in
history claims founder
of weather channel.


Global warming/climate change is based on conventional wisdom, not science. It has become a left-wing slogan to rally the simple-minded.

As we can see, the simpler the minds, the more they love the concept. The problem is that the facts don’t back up the theory. Man-made global warming/climate change has been effectively debunked.

The “left” has become so invested in the concept that it is willing to accept a fairy tale. After all, the earth is flat, isn't it?

The Wichita Eagle
I believe President Trump will surpass President Reagan in greatness. The reaction of the left demonstrates how afraid of him they are. Greatness is not always measured by how many people love you, but by the ferocity of your opposition and the depths to which they will stoop.

Jan. 6 Committee spreads anti-Trump lies
Great Bend Tribune 
                          TUCKER CARLSON:
                                           WE KNEW THERE WAS A
                                               REASON LEADERS HID THE
                                              JANUARY 6 TAPES TUCKER

                                    CARSON BLOWS UP
                                              LEFT’S JAN. 6 NARRATIVE

                                            WHAT THE FBI JUST DID
                                      TO AVERAGE TRUMP
                                          SUPPORTERS SHOULD
                                          FRIGHTEN AMERICANS
As bad as the COVID-19 pandemic was, nothing was more devastating to the Trump presidency then the lies that were propagated by an openly anti-Trump media with the active collusion of the administrative state.

It’s deja vu all over again with the January 6th Committee. Hearsay testimony that wouldn’t pass muster in a small claims court, altered texts and emails that go un-rebutted and of course Republican mouthpieces like representatives Elizabeth Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to present the fiction of bipartisanship while the attack on former President Trump is relentless and unchallenged.

If not for Fox news, America would be captivated by the ilk of MSNBC, NBC and other questionable outlets like Gannett, who in my opinion use the term “fact-checking” to stifle effective opinion that runs counter to their prevailing orthodoxy.

The Wichita Egale
When Donald Trump was sworn in as president, I don’t remember thousands of Americans losing high paying jobs with the stroke of a pen.

I do remember President Trump’s pledge to put America first and the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs, including the recovery of thousands of manufacturing jobs that Obama said were gone for good. I also remember that 63 House Democrats boycotted his inauguration, Madonna saying she wanted to “blow up the White House” and Democrats plotting his impeachment before he was even inaugurated.

What Trump gave us was unparalleled economic growth, energy independence, stable borders and the reassertion of our sovereignty over leach nations like the People’s Republic of China. We also got an amoral Democratic Party that lied, connived and disseminated at every opportunity.

What the Biden administration has delivered is thousands of high-wage Americans forcibly propelled into the unemployment line in pursuit of the existential fairy tales of the left. The same lofty promises and failed policies are being propagated by essentially the same pack of losers that gave us the malaise of the Obama years and are being replicated in the Biden administration.

We are captives of Biden’s agenda
Great Bend Tribune

The Biden administration was oblivious to the baby formula shortage until it became a political liability. Your babies, like moms with strollers run down in broad daylight or the bleaching bones of illegals in the scorching desert sun are simply collateral damage in their journey forward.

We are in transition to the revolutionary Green New Deal with all that it entails. All other priorities have been rescinded. We are captives in their journey to utopia whether we like it or not.

While Democrats collude with the legacy media and their radical showbiz comrades like Matthew McConaughey performing at the White House, their unyielding assault on the Second Amendment takes a deceptively moderate form.

They become ever more powerful while the rest of us drop a notch on the food chain.

Unless of course, you are a Marxist founder of Black Lives Matter, in which case you’ve enriched yourself in the revolutionary struggle then abandoned the hood for a multi-million-dollar mansion located in a lily-white neighborhood.

The Wichita Eagle
It’s almost biblical the way the United States is receding as the pre-eminent World power. And with our decline, chaos follows.

We lack even the rudimentary political will to control our own borders, much less our vital interests around the world. As Friedrich Nietzsche said generations ago, “Out of chaos comes order.” The frightening thing is Nietzsche’s kind of order comes at the price of our freedom and, if you live in the Middle East, maybe your head.

As the forces of darkness coalesce around our “shining city on the hill,” feckless, self-serving cowards inhabit the seats of power in Washington. Our enemies’ fear has turned into mocking laughter, as this stranded giant can’t even stop foreign children from walking across our border in broad daylight. Deviant lifestyles are taught as if they were normal in our schools, and left-wing disinformation is passed off as truth.

Day by day, the agencies responsible for maintaining order are being used as tools to spy on and persecute honest citizens because of their political views. As free American citizens, it is time that we reassert our constitutional sovereignty and take back our government from leftist usurpers who are determined to save us from ourselves whether we like it or not.

Threatening tactics
Kansas City Star
If you want to look into a dark pit, a place where truth fears to tread, you need to go no further than the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. This is the party of swamp creatures such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Maxine Waters, a place where anything goes in the pursuit of absolute power. Character assassination, ambush tactics and intimidation have become a substitute for rational political debate. These George Soros-funded basement dwellers resort to stalking and bullying anyone who stands in their way, and then pretend to be engaging in freedom of speech.

Missing Tucker
Wichita Eagle






   Roger Ailes Widow
   Goes Off on
   Fox News

With the departure of Tucker Carlson my long and satisfying association with Fox News has come to an end. Once again rich sheltered corporate types like Rupert Murdoch abuse their most ardent supporters using the most trivial of pretexts. What the powerful fail to realize is when you betray your base, you eventually lose everything.

Fox News fired Tucker Carlson at Dominion’s demand?

Beware of the false narrative
Great Bend Tribune
Apparently a small segment of the American left thinks the police don’t have a right to defend themselves or the communities they serve from violence.

Facts are pesky things and when you separate them from race baiting propaganda, unjustified use of force by law-enforcement against blacks as with all other groups is extremely rare.

But I guess we should never let the facts get in the way of a good rampage, especially when you’re in pursuit of television ratings, a false narrative or a free pair of Nike sneakers.

Sandmann and Rittenhouse show maturity
Great Bend Tribune




Nickoles Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse are two American teenagers who fate propelled into circumstances beyond their years, yet both acted with a maturity and restraint under intense pressure that highly trained adults have often mishandled.

A culture that can produce two young men with this combination of innate courage and instinctive moral clarity has got to be doing something right!

In a contest between good and evil these ordinary teenagers overcame the forces of chaos, in Rittenhouse’s case the specter of death at the hands of a craven mob only to be persecuted by a corrupt political/media elite that has come to represent the nihilism of the neo-American left.

A left whose ethical void has been filled by Jacobins like Representatives Ilhan Omar, Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and to the shame of the nation President Joe Biden.

In a world where deception is transformed into truth by masquerading in a swirl of media-manufactured disinformation, these two innocent young men overcame a pack of frothing jackals with an unpretentious courage that resides at the core of all American greatness.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
The Hutchinson News
After four years of pummeling by a hostile media and six months of watching American cities being burned to the ground, not to mention a concerted attempt to erase our history during the “summer of love”, buttressed by the frustration of enforced lockdowns that defy logic and science, it is nauseating to hear our left-wing brothers and sisters along with a chorus of RINO republicans froth with contempt because some alleged Trump supporters went rogue at what started out as a peaceful rally and trashed what should have been heavily guarded government buildings. As usual, Donald J. Trump is the culprit (what else is new). There is no excuse for what happened at the capital on Wednesday, but for self-righteous types in the Democratic Party who have suddenly discovered that we must have law and order, remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Same rules must apply to everyone
Great Bend Tribune




                                TUCKER CARLSON: WE KNEW
                                 HID THE JANUARY 6 TAPES!

                                TALE OF TWO SHOOTING

                                ASHLI BABBIT THE ONLY PERSON


During the capital riot on Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol police officer Michael Byrd in effect prescribed the death penalty for protester Ashli Babbitt and carried out the sentence with a single shot from his Glock pistol.

The unarmed Babbitt’s death deserving offence was climbing through a broken window. While media stooges and sinister political forces try to gaslight the Capitol riot into the Reichstag fire, the decorated Air Force veteran crossed the river Styx for what amounted to trespassing.

Babbitt was different from other high profile police shootings; she had a long history of esteemed patriotic service to her country. Yet there will be no statues erected or city squares named after her.

Redirect the FBI
The Hutchinson News
Deception-Drenched FBI Target  
Trump, Covers for Biden 

Politicized bureaucracy  
has FBI rotted at its core

Whistleblowers Testify on  
FBI's Retaliation Method
Instead of siccing the FBI on justifiably upset parents for the capital offense of yelling at propagandists who have infiltrated their local school boards, do something critical and stop the surging crime wave in our cities or the slaughter of a generation of Americans to fentanyl trafficking.

Instead, the once-vaunted FBI is being morphed into the KGB lite by politicized operatives like Attorney General Merrick Garland, whose allegiance seems to be servicing the needs of the democratic elite and the intimidation of law-abiding citizens who have legitimate grievances.

American parents have a right to be outraged at Trojan horse school curriculums and a right to express that outrage in profound terms. This country wasn't founded by sheep, but by the greatest order of human beings to set foot on earth and it's time we act accordingly.

The Wichita Egale
When special counsel (former FBI director)Robert Mueller finds that Trump did nothing wrong, how long will it take before the Maxine Waters wing of the Democratic Party accuses Mueller of being a tool of Vladimir Putin, too?

The nation is objectively better off from Trump’s first day in office, unless you listen to the media, who have parsed the words of “unnamed sources” to create the illusion of wrongdoing.

Is this what the Salem witch trials looked like in the 17th century? Maybe we should reinstate “spectral evidence,” because without it, Democrats haven’t got a shred of proof that Trump did anything illegal.

When this witch hunt is over, the only thing that will be evident is a concerted disinformation campaign against Trump by the mainstream media and the left wing of the Democratic Party. Another media manufactured crisis will be looming as soon as this one ends.

This is a friend?
Topeka Capital-Journal
Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump has finally had the nerve to use the “C” word — you know, that 800-pound gorilla in the room that everyone seems to ignore.

China steals our technology with impunity and has implanted malware in our power grid.

The Chinese have a specially designed ballistic missile just waiting to take out our carrier battle groups. They manipulate their currency to take unfair advantage of us, and we owe them tons of money. But I guess we don’t have anything to worry about do we? They are our friends, right?
     Gordon Chang to Newsmax: CCP Infiltrating
     US Through Southern Border

     Gordon Chang: Chinese Communist
     Party Is Preparing for War

     Gordon Chang: Secret China police
     stations discovered in New York City

Gordon Chang: China is collecting the
     world’s DNA and the reason is sinister
Nefarious infiltration
The Hutchinson News
Like a serpent in the darkness, Red China has been spreading its tentacles throughout Central and South America with the sole purpose of undercutting U.S. interests. Even more nefarious is the Chinese infiltration of our universities, where their students are used as intelligence agents to steal our most vital military and economic technology.

A stranglehold of Chinese cash and large student enrollment has created an environment of bullying were direct and implied pressure from mainland China has created an environment of “keep the Chinese happy,” no matter what the cost. As usual, the highest administrative levels of our universities have caved to Chinese pressure.

It may be necessary to limit the number of Chinese students permitted to attend our schools in order to protect our most valuable technology from the pervasive threat Chinese intelligence gathering pose to the security of the American people. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Out Swalwell’s
Sexual Relationship with a Chinese Spy

Swalwell affair with Chinese spy compromises US intel
邪恶渗透 - The Hutchinson News




Moving migrants to a literary reference
Great Bend Tribune

On Martha’s Vineyard, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. If only the National Guard moved with such vigor to protect every American community from third-world squatters. We should all take a page from Martha’s Vineyard in the speed and proficiency with which they ejected unwanted invaders and strive to emulate their success.

Islam is not peaceful
The Kansan
Islam has demonstrated that it is not a religion of peace or tolerance. While most religions of the world have matured large segments of Islam have receded into a barbaric dark age where any crime, from mass murder to pedophilia can be justified by yelling the phrase Allahu akbar.

Coexistence is a cover for the ultimate subjugation of other cultures whose only choice will be to convert or be driven to extinction. Assimilation has never been an objective of Islam.

Not all Muslims are the same, but a substantial segment of the Muslim population are jihadist or jihadi sympathizers which means a small number of these zealots are capable of disrupting the entire fabric of western civilization.

Are we going to stand up for our values or are we going to surrender to a culture of religious zealots who consider the murder of infidels to be a free ticket to heaven?



Migrants sexually harass German School Girls Mayor dismisses Grandfather
Dont provoke them


Cultural diversity doesn't make us stronger, better
Salina Journa
The notion that cultural diversity necessarily makes us stronger or better is simply not true. In general the more homogeneous a society the better things tend to work.

Like socialism, cultural diversity is a talking point of the progressive left. If you want proof take a look at what this failed concept has done to Western Europe.

By contrast Japan and Eastern Europe have taken the best of Western culture and discarded the liberal baggage to produce more stable citizen friendly societies.

They also have shown the value of physical barriers to stop the mass movement of uninvited people. Japan is protected by an ocean and Eastern Europe by border fencing.

Multiculturallism and crime
The Kansan
From chaos comes order, except if you live in England, Germany, France or a host of other Western European countries who have fallen victim to the progressive myth that by populating your country with semi-civilized refugees with whom you have nothing in common is a good idea.

This utopian fallacy has driven peaceful Europe to the brink of chaos. Like most progressive disinformation, multiculturalism is a product of self-hating indoctrination based on a variation of white guilt.

Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other Eastern bloc countries like most Muslim countries have restricted the influx of predominantly Muslim refugees. The result being healthy ethnic cohesion and centuries-old cultural stability, minus the terrorism and high crime rates fostered by the virulent multiculturalism of Western Europe.

The sad fact is that mass immigration over the past several decades has led to social and economic disintegration of the host countries as it has for states like California.

France could be on the brink of civil war

Liberal nations letting citizens become terror prey
The Hutchinson News
The European continent has been thrown into chaos by hordes of uninvited Muslim immigrants who are disproportionately comprised of young men who have abandoned their own women and children to seek safety for themselves. They show contempt for the indigenous population and have a psychopathic sense of self-entitlement.

Everywhere these so-called immigrants have been permitted to nest, crime rates have skyrocketed and civil chaos has followed. In countries like Sweden, Germany and France, women and children can no longer walk down once-safe streets for fear of being accosted by these violent sociopaths. Peaceful neighborhoods have become hunting grounds for gangs of predatory refugees.

Instead of protecting their citizens from these barbarians, the liberal governments of Europe and the United States are allowing the brutalization of their own populations at the politically correct altar of multiculturalism. In the masochistic liberal mindset, the defense of your own citizens from predation by foreign invaders has become an act of intolerance.

Can anyone answer the question why other Muslim countries refuse to accept these refugees who share their own faith? Take a look at Europe and the answer becomes obvious.








The downfall of Sweden
The Hutchinson News
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a beautiful land filled with beautiful people. These people shone like the Sun and were at peace with mankind. From the midst of this magnificent people a sinister group who called themselves "Progressives" rose to power.

With lies that were twisted to sound like the truth, these Progressives opened the gates to the peaceful kingdom so that predators could roam freely among the lambs.

Women and children could no longer walk hand-in-hand down once-safe streets, and darkness fell over a place that had been full of the Sun. This once-peaceful land, which was betrayed by the Progressives, is called Sweden, and thanks to them, it is now the rape capital of Europe.

Sveriges undergång
Hutchinson News
För länge, länge sedan i en galax långt, långt borta fanns ett vackert land fyllt med vackra människor. Dessa människor sken som solen och var i fred med mänskligheten. Mitt bland detta magnifika folk tog sig en olycksbådande grupp som kallade sig "progressiva" till makten.

Med lögner som var förvrängda för att låta som sanningen öppnade dessa progressiva portarna till det fredliga kungariket så att rovdjur kunde ströva fritt bland lammen.

Kvinnor och barn kunde inte längre gå hand i hand längs en gång säkra gator, och mörkret föll över en plats som hade varit full av solen. Detta en gång så fredliga land, som förråddes av de progressiva, heter Sverige, och tack vare dem är det nu Europas våldtäktshuvudstad.



Muslim migrants just don’t behave
like our Mennonites

Salina Journal
If Muslim migrants behaved like Mennonites no one would have a problem with them. In fact, they would probably be sought-after. The problem is they don’t. They reflect the rigid intolerance of the societies they come from. They have little regard for human life, including their own.

Never has such a religious culture believed itself to be so superior yet demonstrated the misogynistic brutishness of a third-world street gang.

The question Western societies must ask themselves: Is Muslim immigration worth the debasement of their own women and children in order to placate a subset of human beings whose ultimate objective is the destruction of every social vestige of the host country?

We also must remember that these people fled lands of competing tyrants and they were the losers. Like most barbarians, they don’t seek to change their ways, but to ply their brutality on those they consider weaker than themselves.

Is victimhood at the hands of cultural thugs the legacy you wish to leave your children?

Ammunition ban is gun control effort
The Hutchinson News
Suzanna Gratia Hupp explains  
meaning of 2nd Amendment!  

Luby's Cafeteria Massacre Survivor  
Testifying to Congress On The True  
Meaning Of The Second Amendment  

Matthew McConaughey calling for  
a total ban on assault weapons    

The Biden administration is banning the importation of Russian manufactured ammunition ostensibly as reciprocity for the poisoning of Russian dissident Aleksey Navalny.

The real intent of this under-reported executive action is mean-spirited harassment of the law-abiding American shooting public who have used this inexpensive ammunition for years.

The gun control efforts of the Democrats have met with little success legislatively. So they enforce their will on an unwilling public through administrative gimmicks that will make an already severe ammunition shortage worse.

When the people reject Democratic gun control policy electively, they concentrate on shoving it down your throat administratively.

Never let the American people get in the way of the dictatorial urges of the Democratic Party.

Charlie Hebdo                     
   Gun attack on                      
magazine kills 12  

The NRA is probably the most effective civil rights organization the United States has ever produced.

They have done more to defend the constitutional rights of the average American than any other organization.

It is always difficult to prove a negative, so we will never know for sure how many Americans are alive because they have successfully defended themselves or loved ones because of the efforts of the NRA.

We do know that anyone who truly wants a gun for evil purposes will get one and that a gun in the hands of a citizen can bring the evil actions of another to an end very quickly.

If only a teacher, concert-goer or innocent bystander had been armed, how many people would be alive today? We will never know the answer to that question, but a solid case can be made that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens is a proactive deterrent and immediate resolution to gun violence.

In a violent world, laws that depend on the compliance of the individual will never provide the social stability of an armed citizen.

Gender is binary
Great Bend Tribune
Transgenderism is a political construct, not a biological fact. All the hormone treatments, surgeries and wishful thinking don’t change the fact that a transgender person is doing an imitation of what they think the opposite sex should be.

People have a right to pursue their own lives, not to hold society hostage to their particular psychological anomalies or engage in the indoctrination of school children. For the State to compel citizens to participate in transgender dogma is as Orwellian as it gets.

Real women have a right to compete against real women, not transgender men who don’t have the slightest problem engaging in unfair competition or invading women’s restrooms with a sense of self entitlement and sometimes ulterior motives.

As heartbreaking for the trans community as it may be, fanciful supposition, cosmetics and highly profitable medical special effects will never change the fact that biological truth remains immutable.
        Swim champ Riley Gaines 
        ambushed, assaulted by
        men pretending to be girls

        By Peter LaBarbera
The Wichita Eagle
It is wrong for men who self-identify as women to compete in women’s athletics. No matter how they feel, they are physically men and political correctness will not change that fact.

It’s heartbreaking to see reports of women who have striven in athletics pushed aside for a false concept and then criticized if they complain.

No matter how you feel, you should compete with the gender you were born into and then resume your private life as you choose. Subjecting women athletes to compete against biological men is unfair and if permitted to continue may ultimately destroy women’s athletics. Transgender wishful thinking will never change biology or the facts of life.


False equivalency
The Hutchinson News
Comparing white supremacist organizations with antifa and BLM is a false equivalency the left loves to conflate.

White supremacy hasn’t been a force in the U.S. for generations except in the rabble rousing of race baiters like
Al Sharpton and Democratic activists.

On the other hand antifa and BLM have been burning our cities and victimizing innocent citizens of all races. It is a lie to compare them and the left knows this, they are trying to divert attention from their own subversion by drawing a false equivalency between the two.

This letter has been censored by Gannett; this is the original published article (PDF).

Soleimani met well-deserved fate
The Hutchinson News

Trump explains why Iran’s
top general Qassem Soleimani

Early death is rarely bestowed on its most deserving subjects. Like the  Carr brothers who have been shielded on death row by the  Kansas Supreme Court for years.

Once in awhile fate bestows the brass ring of mechanized death on a deserving subject like Qasem Soleimani the head of Iran’s elite  Quds Force.

With the life and limb of hundreds of  American soldiers and  thousands of other human beings lost, Soleimani met his end confidently on a dark highway near Bagdad.

Thanks to the  determination of President Trump to protect Americans and a well-placed Hellfire missile He was reduced to the same fate he had sentenced many others, too, remains burned beyond visual recognition. Soleimani  reaped what he had sown and the world is a better place!

Let’s hope we never become second best at the use of this technology or have leaders who hesitate to use this powerful tool decisively against our enemies!

Sharpton, Jackson racially
profiled Zimmerman

Topeka Capital-Journal

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren’t interested in truth or justice. They are just making a living doing what they do best, race-baiting an innocent man.

Without a wit of concern that 
George Zimmerman was defending himself from a violent assault by a stranger in the darkness, these men of God profiled Zimmerman based on his racial ethnicity because he dared to defend himself from an African-American assailant.

These self-proclaimed leaders of the civil rights movement chose a course of high-profile demagoguery by appealing to the 
base instincts of the mob.

We have come to know the shenanigans of Sharpton and Jackson all too well. We can only hope more rational leaders among the African-American community will have the courage to step up and provide an alternative to the antics of these two cynical opportunists.

Don’t like it here? You can leave
The Hutchinson News
The “old white men” that created the United States and Europe must have done something right because minority groups from around the world risk their lives to get to the country’s they created.

I haven’t seen any Mexicans or Syrians storming the beaches of Cuba or China. If “Black Lives Matter” thinks the United States is so bad, try the paradise of Mozambique or Angola 
and see how that works out for you.

European people have done more than any other group to bring equality, prosperity and stability to the turbulent world of humanity. That is why the world wants to be in the countries that they created.

Anytime you think you have it so bad, remember you are always free to find someplace better.

No friend to America
The Hutchinson News
Godfather of the progressive movement, billionaire George Soros of The Open Society Institute is silently trying to destabilize the American democracy.

Hiding behind well-financed front organizations, this Judas, who as a youth during World War II assisted in confiscating property of fellow Jews (as revealed in a 1998 60 Minutes interview), hides his nefarious financial empire offshore to avoid the scrutiny of U.S. financial regulators.

He will use any means necessary to reshape the world in his own twisted, left-wing image.

With billions of dollars and insidious fifth-column maneuverings, Soros is attempting to encircle independent media outlets and replace the truth with his progressive "one world" dogma. What happens to those who stray from Soros' path? Ask Juan William(s), formerly of National Public Radio.

Using mouthpieces like the Huffington Post, Soros is relentlessly moving toward the destruction of our core American values.

Unfortunately, Mr. Soros has run into a problem; fearlessly, Glenn Beck of Fox News is exposing this elitist socialist in his insidious plot to reshape our nation and the world in his own distorted, godless image.