Biden’s first year
The Wichita Egale
Closing in on a year of the Biden administration has anyone seen anything that’s been “built back better?” Or is this the punch line of a joke?

In a few short months America has gone from the pinnacle under Trump to laughingstock of the World à la Joe Biden and his smug disinterested administration.

These people don’t care about the price of gas or milk or keeping warm in winter because they don’t have to, it’s below their station to worry about such trivial things. Tilting at windmills is their priority, no matter how much it costs the rest of us.

If Biden showed the same outrage for the plight of working America or fixed income elderly as he does fake border incidents or paying third world grifters hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars maybe his poll numbers wouldn’t be plunging like the proverbial rock.

A wise man once said, “You know them by their works” and we’ve come to know the works of Joe Biden and his incompetent duplicitous administration all too well.

Biden and fentanyl
The Hutchinson News
Joe Biden, the precipitous increase in fentanyl deaths, China and the open border? What do they have in common? You can’t have one without the other!

To be fair, fentanyl was a problem before the Biden presidency, but the negligent, and, some would say, criminal administration policies have turned a problem into an existential crisis.

At what point do American citizens have a right and a constitutional duty to defend themselves and their children against the kinetic maleficence of a regime that demonstrably seems to be acting against their best interests, and indeed their very survival?

Use our drones against druggies
Topeka Capital-Journal
We have used Predator drones effectively to eradicate anti-American terrorists throughout the world. Maybe it’s time to target Mexican drug cartels.
Give the Mexican government an ultimatum: Take care of business or the United States will. Let drug cartel members look to the uncertain skies with dread.

Seal the border
The Hutchinson News
When Texas district attorney Mike McLelland and Kaufman County, Texas, prosecutor Mark Hasse were brazenly gunned down earlier this year, a chill colder than jagged steel tore through the heart of the American law enforcement community.

It was widely believed that these demonic murders were retaliation for the recent convictions of upper-echelon Aryan Brotherhood gang members and that the killings bore a striking similarity to Mexican drug cartel assassinations.

A disgraced Kaufman County magistrate appears to have been the perpetrator of the murders. The disturbing thing is that, with the porous southern border, these assassinations could easily have been carried out by Mexican murder squads that could have walked across the border in broad daylight. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported that Mexican cartels are currently setting up shop in American cities, controlling wholesale drug distribution across the nation.

The question is: When will these Mexican narco terrorists, many of whom were trained by U.S. special forces, bring their grisly brand of violence to the main streets of America, and will we deal with this threat in the same corrupt, spineless way as the Mexican government?

Sealing this porous southern border with Mexico should be our first priority in safeguarding the American people from terrorist threats from Mexico and around the world. With a fraction of the money and effort expended in the Afghan war, this would be an easily obtainable goal. The question is: Do U.S. leaders have the political will to safeguard their citizens from terror by closing this wide-open border with Mexico? My hunch is they don't.

Pres. Biden
The Hutchinson News
What can we expect from Pres. Joe Biden’s race-based pick for the Supreme Court? Someone with the gravitas of Condoleezza Rice? Or a chest thumping radical in the vein of Maxine Waters, a woman barely capable of forming a sentient thought.

Biden’s leadership team is a reflection of himself – ineffective and malicious. Their greatest collective achievement is the most avoidable domestic and international decline the United States has ever faced!

As I speak, a premeditated tsunami of illegal immigrants is flooding across our southern border. Not to mention a blue state crime wave created by Democrats without a whimper from Joe.

When will the malfeasant Joe Biden and his Democrats put law-abiding Americans first?

As Russian troops mass on the Ukrainian border and China fly's over Taiwanese air space, the dire consequences of a Biden election become manifest.

Don’t expect any new tricks from Uncle Joe because he's been bought and paid for by the most radical elements the Democratic Party has to offer!

No to elites
Kansas City Star
As citizens we must never allow our judgment to become subordinate to people just because they have a Ph.D. or “your honor” attached to their names. These elitists have given us open borders, forced busing, the Paris climate accord, gun control and partial-birth abortion.

Somewhere along the way, they have surrendered reality for a virtual world ruled by intellectual duplicity and an absolute faith in their own supremacy.

The price we will pay for blindly following these people is the loss of our souls the way they have lost their own.

Resistance to this cabal is a necessity if we are to maintain our sovereignty as a free and independent people.

All you need to do is look around the world and see that if we surrender to these so-called elite we will become as morally bankrupt as they are.

Moran’s spending bill vote contemptible
Great Bend Tribune
As a concerned citizen who has spent my political life voting Republican, not because I especially liked them, but because I considered them to be the lesser of two evils, my cynicism has reached a new low!

With senior Senator Jerry Moran’s support of the $1.66 trillion omnibus spending bill that should have been left to the new Congress to deal with, Moran has shown contempt for the conservative/moderate leadership that most Kansans prefer and provided a taxpayer slush fund to the progressive/loony-left wing of the Democratic Party.

Among the gems in this omnibus bill, be prepared for a “green new deal” tax hike on natural gas that will result in an estimated increase of 18-20% in your already expanding heating bill.

This is just one of the jewels buried throughout this 4,000-page monstrosity that should have been dead on arrival if not for Republicans who have further eroded the line between themselves and the big spenders of the Democratic Party and who seem intent on alienating their allegiance from the citizens who elected them.

Moving migrants to a literary reference
Great Bend Tribune
On Martha’s Vineyard, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. If only the National Guard moved with such vigor to protect every American community from third-world squatters. We should all take a page from Martha’s Vineyard in the speed and proficiency with which they ejected unwanted invaders and strive to emulate their success.

Listen to the lies they fabricate
The Kansan
If you want to know what shenanigans Progressive democrats and their mouthpiece Joe Biden are up to listen to the lies, they fabricate about others. They have become a reflection of their own disinformation.

From crime-ravaged cities à la George Soros-backed prosecutors to advocating for the barbaric mutilation of under aged children in the name of transgender dogma they project the savage image of themselves onto the people they most despise. The only progeny they produce is cultural morbidity and are themselves the personification of the existential threat that they accuse others of.

If only we could see a little outrage directed at the Chinese communist party and their Mexican cartel drug pusher buddies and most of all President Joe Biden for the drug-induced extermination of a generation of Americans.

If you believe that “Making America Great Again” is a good thing, be prepared for a visit from our expanded gun-toting internal revenue service or an FBI raiding party on a fishing expedition directed against a political opponent.

Gender is binary
Great Bend Tribune
Transgenderism is a political construct, not a biological fact. All the hormone treatments, surgeries and wishful thinking don’t change the fact that a transgender person is doing an imitation of what they think the opposite sex should be.

People have a right to pursue their own lives, not to hold society hostage to their particular psychological anomalies or engage in the indoctrination of school children. For the State to compel citizens to participate in transgender dogma is as Orwellian as it gets.

Real women have a right to compete against real women, not transgender men who don’t have the slightest problem engaging in unfair competition or invading women’s restrooms with a sense of self entitlement and sometimes ulterior motives.

As heartbreaking for the trans community as it may be, fanciful supposition, cosmetics and highly profitable medical special effects will never change the fact that biological truth remains immutable

Biden induced economic chaos
Great Bend Tribune
High fuel prices boil down to calculated policy decisions made by the Biden administration to devolve our domestic fossil fuel industry based on debatable science that we are in a climate emergency. These disastrous policies could be reversed with the stroke of a pen if only Biden wasn’t attached at the hip to the eco-left.

This same ideological ilk told us that they “just follow the science” during the COVID-19 pandemic only to find out how specious their self-serving science was. 

Fake science” along with “fake news” has become part of the American lexicon. The Biden administration’s inane energy policies facilitated Vladimir Putin’s ability to invade Ukraine by increasing world dependence on Russian oil as well as driving Russia into Red China’s waiting arms, adding a 21st century reality to the arcane 19th century polemic “The yellow peril.”

We’ve gone from Trump era energy dominance to groveling at the feet of other oil producing nations to hypocritically increase their oil production for our benefit. From Biden’s first day in office the non-Chinese world has been in an energy related state of artificially induced economic chaos.

A vote against Kansas with open arms
Topeka Capital-Journal
Gov. Kelly welcomes refugees to Kansas!
Just what Kansas needs to follow in the footsteps of Germany, France and Sweden! We need to make sure Kelly is a one-term governor and have an exit strategy for these refugees. Preferably back to where they came from or the neighborhood Gov. Kelly lives in.

Lives of innocent Americans should be considered in illegal immigration debate
Topeka Capital-Journal
The first time I became aware of the devastating effects of criminal activity perpetrated against American citizen by illegal aliens came shortly after I graduated from the Emergency Medical Technician program at Wichita State University.

I was working as a volunteer with the Sedgwick County EMS reserve when the unit I was stationed with responded to a multi-car accident. When we arrived at the scene several automobiles where overturned and the smell of gasoline permeated the air.

Wichita fire department personnel worked skillfully to stabilize the scene and extract an elderly couple who had been pinned in their vehicle. I participated in CPR on one of the victims but unfortunately both citizens died as a result of the injury’s they sustained.

I found out later the accident was caused by an illegal alien 
who had stolen a car and then attempted to evade the police in a high speed chase.

I never learned the fate of the perpetrator of this crime but I often wonder how many times a day innocent Americans are victimized at the hands of illegals who have no right to be in the United States. I wish our president and supporters of the sanctuary city concept cared as much about the lives of innocent Americans as they do increasing their voter base.

It’s time for immigration reform
Great Bend Tribune
Be bold and protect America! It’s time to play hardball and mean it! Call a national emergency and mobilize the military to patrol our border.

We seem to be helping everyone else around the world protect theirs. If need be, use tear gas and water cannons to repel groups who try to forcibly breach our border. This strategy worked for the nation of Hungary.

Don’t let one of these Gucci-clad, cellphone toting freeloaders set foot on U.S. soil to begin with. Despite all the acrimony, the nation will rally behind any president, Republican or Democrat, who does this.

The next step is to systematically purge the nation of illegal residents and visa overstays. This was successfully done on a smaller scale during the Eisenhower administration.

No matter where you came from, if you are here illegally you need to go. Maybe you should try obeying our laws to begin with! If you’ve already shown a willingness to break U.S. law, how can we expect anything else from you?

Stop the anchor baby scam! As an American citizen I’m tired of being taken advantage of by self-entitled foreigners.

No more freeloaders in out midst
Topeka Capital-Journal
We need to develop a way to expedite the deportation of large numbers of foreign nationals who are illegally entering or maintaining residence in the U.S. The American taxpayer should not be expected to foot the bill for people who have no moral or legal right to be here.

Sanctuary cities that defy the will of the American people should be dealt with swiftly and, if need be, aggressively. The anchor baby loophole is being ruthlessly exploited by foreign nationals and no longer serves the purpose for which it was originally intended. This antiquated provision in the law needs to be eliminated.

We need to be selective in the people we grant citizenship to. They must reflect our religious, moral and constitutional values. If they don’t, they have no business being granted citizenship.

We are not citizens of the world, but of the United States of America. Our obligation is to our own welfare first, not the rest of the world. The days of accepting freeloaders into our midst must come to an end.

Gender is binary
Great Bend Tribune
Transgenderism is a political construct, not a biological fact. All the hormone treatments, surgeries and wishful thinking don’t change the fact that a transgender person is doing an imitation of what they think the opposite sex should be.

People have a right to pursue their own lives, not to hold society hostage to their particular psychological anomalies or engage in the indoctrination of school children. For the State to compel citizens to participate in transgender dogma is as Orwellian as it gets.

Real women have a right to compete against real women, not transgender men who don’t have the slightest problem engaging in unfair competition or invading women’s restrooms with a sense of self entitlement and sometimes ulterior motives.

As heartbreaking for the trans community as it may be, fanciful supposition, cosmetics and highly profitable medical special effects will never change the fact that biological truth remains immutable.

Are we really supposed to feel sorry for them
Topeka Capital-Journal
We waste too much time and money pandering to gate crashers along our southern border.

These poor, unfortunate lawbreakers have been prepped by human traffickers to game the system and use their own children (or someone else’s) as pawns hoping for a free pass.

When these freeloaders lose custody of their children, are we really supposed to feel sorry for them?

If your first act entering the United States is one of lawlessness and you have no hesitation using innocent children as an accomplice, should you have custody of these children to begin with? Are you the kind of people we what as future citizens?

Pathologically irrational
The Hutchinson News
Because of pandering to his base by the brilliant Joe Biden, the U.S./Mexican border has begun the descent from Trump-era stability into Obama-era calamity.

With Trump, it was back across the border you go, with Biden its catch and release into the heartland of America using the highly problematic honor system to appear in court at a later date.

From Trump border order, into the nirvana of chaos so loved by the pathologically irrational American progressive movement, it’s California here we come!

As usual, it will be the proletariat who bears the brunt of this masochism inflicted on us by the ever so virtuous intelligentsia of the Democratic Party along with their Hollywood/billionaire donor-accomplices, who love moralizing to us 'lost souls' as they cynically pursue their own political and economic self-interest no matter what the cost to the rest of us may be.

Walls work
Kansas City Star
A physical barrier along our southern border is not an engineering or logistical challenge. Compared with the economic cost of illegal immigrantion, a wall is cost-effective.

Other than meeting a need for short-term workers in the agriculture industry, those immigrants provide little economic value and undercut American lower-class workers.

Border walls have worked for generations. Hadrian’s Wall across Britain served its purpose. Israel’s West Bank barrier and Hungary’s border barrier have proved nearly 100 percent successful.

Have no doubt that an invasion of the United States is under way by foreign nationals. Claims made by Democrats that walls don’t work are simply short-sighted political disinformation.

It may be time to invoke the “Insurrection Act” of 1807 to secure the border
Salina Journal
With the ideological gridlock consuming the legislative and judicial branches of government and there de-facto collaboration in the invasion of the United States from Central America.

It may be time to invoke the “Insurrection Act” of 1807 to secure the border and begin removal of the invaders from our country.

According to the Daily Caller published on May 16, 2019, the insurrection act was used in 1992 by George Bush Senior to quell the Los Angeles riots and by President Eisenhower in 1957 to enforce school desegregation.

It is clear this invasion is organized by drug cartels and political activists and that normal enforcement agencies and local governments are overwhelmed.

Even critics of the “Insurrection Act” concede that under current circumstances precedent falls within the lawful scope of the president’s authority.

It’s time to protect the American people as the mechanisms of orderly government break down under the weight of organized criminal activity along our Southern border. 231092968.html

Same rules must apply to everyone
Great Bend Tribune
Patriot Ashli Babbitt Gunned Down by Capital Police on Jan. 6 2021

Ashli Babbit the ONLY person killed during the Jan. 6th 2021 riot
During the capital riot on Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol police officer Michael Byrd in effect prescribed the death penalty for protester Ashli Babbitt and carried out the sentence with a single shot from his Glock pistol.

The unarmed Babbitt’s death deserving offence was climbing through a broken window. While media stooges and sinister political forces try to gaslight the Capitol riot into the Reichstag fire, the decorated Air Force veteran crossed the river Styx for what amounted to trespassing.

Babbitt was different from other high profile police shootings; she had a long history of esteemed patriotic service to her country. Yet there will be no statues erected or city squares named after her.

Ashli Babbitt had no business being in the Capitol building on January 6th, but her biggest mistake was not realizing that the “summer of love” rules didn’t apply to her or thousands of other disaffected Trump supporters

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
The Hutchinson News
After four years of pummeling by a hostile media and six months of watching American cities being burned to the ground, not to mention a concerted attempt to erase our history during the “summer of love”, buttressed by the frustration of enforced lockdowns that defy logic and science, it is nauseating to hear our left-wing brothers and sisters along with a chorus of RINO republicans froth with contempt because some alleged Trump supporters went rogue at what started out as a peaceful rally and trashed what should have been heavily guarded government buildings. As usual, Donald J. Trump is the culprit (what else is new). There is no excuse for what happened at the capital on Wednesday, but for self-righteous types in the Democratic Party who have suddenly discovered that we must have law and order, remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Protect history, statues
Topeka Capital-Journal
The police of my childhood would have never allowed a mob of vandals to destroy public property. They would have given an order to disperse and then moved in decisively, using the age-old concept of minimum necessary force.

The statues they deface belong to everyone, yet a minority of malcontents is allowed to obliterate our history with impunity. It is time to put a stop to this madness.

If our political leadership is too craven to defend the images of our by-gone past then it is time to dispense with them and the rabble whose feet they kiss.

No friend to America
The Hutchinson News
Godfather of the progressive movement, billionaire George Soros of The Open Society Institute is silently trying to destabilize the American democracy.

Hiding behind well-financed front organizations, this Judas, who as a youth during World War II assisted in confiscating property of fellow Jews (as revealed in a 1998 "60 Minutes" interview), hides his nefarious financial empire offshore to avoid the scrutiny of U.S. financial regulators.

He will use any means necessary to reshape the world in his own twisted, left-wing image.

With billions of dollars and insidious fifth-column maneuverings, Soros is attempting to encircle independent media outlets and replace the truth with his progressive "one world" dogma. What happens to those who stray from Soros' path? Ask Juan Williams, formerly of National Public Radio.

Using mouthpieces like the Huffington Post, Soros is relentlessly moving toward the destruction of our core American values.

Unfortunately, Mr. Soros has run into a problem; fearlessly, Glenn Beck of Fox News is exposing this elitist socialist in his insidious plot to reshape our nation and the world in his own distorted, godless image.

If Mr. Soros is successful in his endeavor, hopefully we will receive better treatment than he gave his fellow Hungarian Jews 65 years ago.

U.S. shouldn't allow in immigrants
Topeka Capital-Journal
We’ve seen this poor migrant act play out before in Europe.

According to the media, these migrants are poor hapless woman and children seeking a better life.

The reality is 80 to 90 percent are young fighting age men who tactically stage woman and children at the front of the column to bear the brunt of the tear-gas.

As with the European experience, most of them will become wards of the state either dependent on welfare or in prison.

If you want your schools and neighborhoods turned into crime-ridden sewers, by all means, let them in.

Never fear because even if you don’t an Activist court will force you into submission.

Resistance is futile in the Globalist order; you will be assimilated while the morally superior remain comfortably secure in gated communities protected by guards who carry guns. Protecting them from the same third-world trash that we are supposed to joyfully rub elbows with.

Cultural diversity doesn't make us stronger, better
The notion that cultural diversity necessarily makes us stronger or better is simply not true. In general the more homogeneous a society the better things tend to work.

Like socialism, cultural diversity is a talking point of the progressive left. If you want proof take a look at what this failed concept has done to Western Europe.

By contrast Japan and Eastern Europe have taken the best of Western culture and discarded the liberal baggage to produce more stable citizen friendly societies.

They also have shown the value of physical barriers to stop the mass movement of uninvited people. Japan is protected by an ocean and Eastern Europe by border fencing.

Get ready for four years of voodoo
Great Bend Tribune
During the Trump years we underwent a barrage of manufactured crisis; scurrilous disinformation was disseminated by the likes of Don Lamon, Chris Cuomo, Joe Scarborough and a hundred other media creeps who slither beneath the rocks of fabrication journalism.

They, along with the Chinese, Mexican cartels, teachers unions, Hollywood liberals and replacement American border crashers find the ethically flexible Joe Biden refreshing.

On the other hand Mexico and Canada, along with the rest of the world, even those who wouldn’t realize it at first, grew quite fond of Trump. In spite of his often obnoxious personality, his coherent policies worked spectacularly.

Now, we must endure four years of voodoo that will be passed off as science. We are required to pretend boys with penises can be girls; the Keystone Pipeline is environmentally harmful and benign children’s classics like Dr. Seuss must be banned!

Who is telling us this malarkey and, more important, why is anyone paying attention to them?

As Biden might have said before the ring was inserted through his nose “COME-ON MAN.”

Jan. 6 Committee spreads anti-Trump lies
Great Bend Tribune
As bad as the COVID-19 pandemic was, nothing was more devastating to the Trump presidency then the lies that were propagated by an openly anti-Trump media with the active collusion of the administrative state.

It’s deja vu all over again with the January 6th Committee. Hearsay testimony that wouldn’t pass muster in a small claims court, altered texts and emails that go un-rebutted and of course Republican mouthpieces like representatives Elizabeth Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to present the fiction of bipartisanship while the attack on former President Trump is relentless and unchallenged.

If not for Fox news, America would be captivated by the ilk of MSNBC, NBC and other questionable outlets like Gannett, who in my opinion use the term “fact-checking” to stifle effective opinion that runs counter to their prevailing orthodoxy.

Redirect the FBI
The Hutchinson News
Instead of siccing the FBI on justifiably upset parents for the capital offense of yelling at propagandists who have infiltrated their local school boards, do something critical and stop the surging crime wave in our cities or the slaughter of a generation of Americans to fentanyl trafficking.

Instead, the once-vaunted FBI is being morphed into the KGB lite by politicized operatives like Attorney General Merrick Garland, whose allegiance seems to be servicing the needs of the democratic elite and the intimidation of law-abiding citizens who have legitimate grievances.

American parents have a right to be outraged at Trojan horse school curriculums and a right to express that outrage in profound terms. This country wasn't founded by sheep, but by the greatest order of human beings to set foot on earth and it's time we act accordingly.

Parents standing up for their children against this fifth column of virtue signaling misanthropes is a virtue not a threat and represents a counter to the bold display of Biden regime speech suppression tactics.

Soleimani met well-deserved fate
The Hutchinson News
Clarity and Action
Early death is rarely bestowed on its most deserving subjects. Like the Carr brothers who have been shielded on death row by the Kansas Supreme Court for years.

Once in awhile fate bestows the brass ring of mechanized death on a deserving subject like Qasem Soleimani the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force.

With the life and limb of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of other human beings lost, Soleimani met his end confidently on a dark highway near Bagdad.

Thanks to the determination of President Trump to protect Americans and a well-placed Hellfire missile He was reduced to the same fate he had sentenced many others, too, remains burned beyond visual recognition. Soleimani reaped what he had sown and the world is a better place!

Let’s hope we never become second best at the use of this tchnology or have leaders who hesitate to use this powerful tool decisively against our enemies!

Multiculturalism and Crime
Ottawa Herald
From chaos comes order, except if you live in England, Germany, France or a host of other Western European countries who have fallen victim to the progressive myth that by populating your country with semi-civilized refugees with whom you have nothing in common is a good idea.

This utopian fallacy has driven peaceful Europe to the brink of chaos. Like most progressive disinformation, multiculturalism is a product of self-hating indoctrination based on a variation of white guilt.

Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other Eastern bloc countries like most Muslim countries have restricted the influx of predominantly Muslim refugees. The result being healthy ethnic cohesion and centuries-old cultural stability, minus the terrorism and high crime rates fostered by the virulent multiculturalism of Western Europe.

The sad fact is that mass immigration over the past several decades has led to social and economic disintegration of the host countries as it has for states like California.

Liberal nations letting citizens become terror prey
The Hutchinson News
The European continent has been thrown into chaos by hordes of uninvited Muslim immigrants who are disproportionately comprised of young men who have abandoned their own women and children to seek safety for themselves. They show contempt for the indigenous population and have a psychopathic sense of self-entitlement.

Everywhere these so-called immigrants have been permitted to nest, crime rates have skyrocketed and civil chaos has followed. In countries like SwedenGermany and France, women and children can no longer walk down once-safe streets for fear of being accosted by these violent sociopaths. Peaceful neighborhoods have become hunting grounds for gangs of predatory refugees.

Instead of protecting their citizens from these barbarians, the liberal governments of Europe and the United States are allowing the brutalization of their own populations at the politically correct altar of multiculturalism. In the masochistic liberal mindset, the defense of your own citizens from predation by foreign invaders has become an act of intolerance.

Can anyone answer the question why other Muslim countries refuse to accept these refugees who share their own faith? Take a look at Europe and the answer becomes obvious.

The downfall of Sweden
The Hutchinson News
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a beautiful land filled with beautiful people. These people shone like the Sun and were at peace with mankind.

From the midst of this magnificent people a sinister group who called themselves "Progressives" rose to power.

With lies that were twisted to sound like the truth, these Progressives opened the gates to the peaceful kingdom so that predators could roam freely among the lambs.

Women and children could no longer walk hand-in-hand down once-safe streets, and darkness fell over a place that had been full of the Sun.

This once-peaceful land, which was betrayed by the Progressives, is called Sweden, and thanks to them, it is now the rape capital of Europe.

Islam is not peaceful
The Kansan
Islam has demonstrated that it is not a religion of peace or tolerance. While most religions of the world have matured large segments of Islam have receded into a barbaric dark age where any crime, from mass murder to pedophilia can be justified by yelling the phrase Allahu akbar.

Coexistence is a cover for the ultimate subjugation of other cultures whose only choice will be to convert or be driven to extinction. Assimilation has never been an objective of Islam.

Not all Muslims are the same, but a substantial segment of the Muslim population are jihadist or jihadi sympathizers which means a small number of these zealots are capable of disrupting the entire fabric of western civilization.

Are we going to stand up for our values or are we going to surrender to a culture of religious zealots who consider the murder of infidels to be a free ticket to heaven?

Nefarious infiltration
The Hutchinson News
Like a serpent in the darkness, Red China has been spreading its tentacles throughout Central and South America with
the sole purpose of undercutting U.S. interests.

Even more nefarious is the Chinese infiltration of our universities, where their students are used as intelligence agents to steal our most vital military and economic technology.

A stranglehold of Chinese cash and large student enrollment has created an environment of bullying were direct and implied pressure from mainland China has created an environment of “keep the Chinese happy,” no matter what the cost. As usual, the highest administrative levels of our universities have caved to Chinese pressure.

It may be necessary to limit the number of Chinese students permitted to attend our schools in order to protect our most valuable technology from the pervasive threat Chinese intelligence gathering pose to the security of the American people.

Stealing technology
Topeka Capital-Journal
While the United States slumbers, an insidious assault is being perpetrated against our nation by the People's Republic of China. As reported by Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation (, the United States has become a virtual supermarket of unabated theft of military and commercial technology.

With our preoccupation with the war on terror, this looming superpower - more powerful and deadly than the former Soviet Union - is aggressively seeking to supplant the United States as the preeminent military and economic power on the globe.

Following a policy of appeasement, the Obama administration has abysmally failed to protect the American people from the Chinese. Why design for yourself when you can steal the best. And steal they do, from nuclear warheads to toaster ovens. According to Brooks, the PRC has 3,500 front companies in the U.S. whose sole purpose is the theft of our technology.

While Red China plays military and economic hardball, the Obama administration remains oblivious, exposing America to what may be the greatest threat to our national survival in modern history.

This is a friend?
Topeka Capital-Journal
Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump has finally had the nerve to use the C word, you know, that 800-pound gorilla in the room that everyone seems to ignore. China steals our technology with impunity and has implanted malware in
our power grid.

The Chinese have a specially designed ballistic missile just waiting to take out our carrier battle groups. They manipulate their currency to take unfair advantage of us, and we owe them tons of money.

But I guess we don't have anything to worry about do we? They are our friends, right?

Don't like it here? You can leave
The Hutchinson News
The "old white men" that created the United States and Europe must have done something right because minority groups from around the world risk their lives to get to the country's they created.

I haven't seen any Mexicans or Syrians storming the beaches of Cuba or China. If “Black Lives Matter” thinks the United States is so bad, try the paradise of Mozambique or Angola and see how that works out for you.

European people have done more than any other group to bring equality, prosperity and stability to the turbulent world of humanity. That is why the world wants to be in the countries that they created.

Anytime you think you have it so bad, remember you are always free to find someplace better.

De-evolution of western Europe
The Hutchinson News
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the second biggest mistake Germany has made since the fall of the Weimar Republic.

Like Barack Obama, Merkel is a virulent globalist, and has a religious belief in man-made climate change. This belief has caused the average German household to pay three times more in energy costs.

Merkel has led Germany from ethnic cohesion into a blood-soaked reign of terror by flooding the country with unassimilable migrants.

Like the United States, this open immigration is at the expense of the working class, who are supposed to shut up and pay the bill. Their plight is of little interest to Merkel or her ilk – if you don’t like it get out.

Police armed with sub-machine guns must patrol once-safe streets, and concrete barricades are needed for fear of being run-down by suicide martyrs.

As the body count rises, Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May have opened the floodgate to culturally disaffected human beings, resulting in the de-evolution of western European society.

Hillary seeks 'birthright'
The Hutchinson News
The Hillary Clinton spin machine is gearing into full speed. The facts of a life dedicated to ruthless self-promotion have now become an inconvenient liability in Madam Clinton’s compulsive upstream swim to her God-given birthright – the occupation of the White House.

It’s not Clinton’s concern for the welfare of the American people that matters but an ego bordering on sociopathic narcissism and the simple fact that “Bubba” wants to walk the halls of the people’s House again in search of gullible young interns and unlimited access to the television camera.

The only tether binding the former first lady to the current administration is her shameless ability to distort the truth without breaking stride. “What difference does it make” indeed when you’re in pursuit of the biggest entitlement of your life, the presidency of the United States.

Not a fan of Biden's strategy
Topeka Capital-Journal
Democratic front runner Joe Biden seems to be following the Clinton strategy of limiting public contact. Let controlled exposure, name recognition and the illusion of moral fiber carry him to the Democratic nomination.

Blending into the weeds is a Darwinian survival skill Biden has mastered with scary proficiency. Biden’s team is attempting to project a “woke” image for an old-time politician who carries a ton of baggage.

His only remarkable feature is a willingness to jettison decades-old convictions on the turn of a dime.

From minute to minute, who is the real Joe Biden? That has yet to be determined by the demands of political expediency.

Like the portrait of Dorian Gray, the Biden team knows the less of the real Joe people see the greater his odds for political survival become.

Americans Can Legally “Citizen’s Arrest”
Illegal Aliens | TheNetSpies
San Francisco, CA- Did you know that every American citizen has the power, and the right, to place illegal aliens under arrest and detain them until ICE agents arrive and take them into federal custody?

Most states have codified the common law rule that a warrantless arrest may be made by a private person for a felony, misdemeanor or breach of peace. Breach of peace covers a multitude of violations in which the Supreme Court has even included misdemeanor violations such as seatbelt laws.

Only North Carolina and Washington state do not subscribe to Citizen’s Arrest laws, in the strictest sense. Even psychotically liberal California allows their citizens to arrest people and detain them for breaking the law. California Penal Code 837 states that, “A private citizen may arrest another: 1)For a public offense committed or attempted in his/her presence, 2)When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in the citizen’s presence, or 3)When a felony has been, in fact, committed, and he or she has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed said crime.”

“Public Offense” is read similarly as breach of peace in this case, and includes felonies, misdemeanors and infractions. “Holding them until the police, or ICE, get there”, is simply a form of arrest. The officer is accepting the arrest and processing the prisoner on behalf of the private person.

In general, a private person is justified in using non-deadly force upon another if they reasonably believe that: 1) Such other person is committing a felony, or a misdemeanor, amounting to a breach of the peace, and 2) The force used is necessary to prevent further commission of the offense and to apprehend the offender. The force must be reasonable under the circumstances to restrain the individual arrested. This includes the nature of the offense and the amount of force required to overcome resistance.

The citizen making the arrest does bear some liability in the matter. One should be certain that the arrestee is, in fact, an illegal alien to avoid civil liabilities and possible criminal charges.

8 U.S. Code § 1325 – Improper entry by alien.
(a)Improper time or place; avoidance of examination or inspection; misrepresentation and concealment of facts.
Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.

8 U.S. Code § 1325 makes it abundantly clear that any alien who has been deported and returns to the United States illegally is subject to Citizen’s Arrest for their felonious reentry under federal law. While the initial entry is likely a misdemeanor, a Citizen’s Arrest would still be valid in most localities, providing the arrestee is, in fact, in the country illegally.

The United States Congress has also made it abundantly clear that they have zero intention of solving the country’s myriad immigration problems. The US Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are understaffed and overwhelmed. It appears that, in the absence of true leadership from our elected officials, in a country of the people, by the people and for the people, that the people must begin the arduous task of helping to enforce the rule of law. Once the citizens begin to flex their legally appointed muscles, the Congress will have no choice but to quickly hammer out, and overwhelmingly pass, significant and lasting comprehensive immigration reform.

While THENETSPIES.COM is not advocating that anyone take immigration enforcement upon themselves, if you, as a true American Patriot, decide to aid the brave men and women of ICE by performing a Citizen’s Arrest and detaining criminal illegal aliens, please first do your due dilligence in regards to your local and state laws concerning Citizen’s Arrest.