Letter: Democrats can’t handle Trump’s victory
Topeka Capital Journal |November 25, 2016

What do we want? An end to sanctuary cities. When do we what it? Now. It’s time for taxpayers to stop footing the bill for undocumented immigrants who are using America as a flop house.

We have a right to secure our borders from an invading army of foreigners. We must never allow ourselves to be bullied by a minority of indoctrinated, basement-dwelling college brats who are on a rampage. Maybe it’s time for the parents who pay the tuition for these overpriced dens of intolerance to start making “baby” pay his or her own way through school. Most of these hypocrites didn’t even vote.

President Trump must stay true to the citizens who elected him, not progressive liberals who had their shot for eight long years and blew it.

Things were just rosy when the Democrats thought Hillary was going to win, but now that the unthinkable has happened, they are in full tantrum mode. Elections have consequences. Trump won and, like it or not, his supporters aren’t going anywhere.Gregory H. Bontrager

How the ‘left’ thinks
The Wichita Eagle/November 20, 2016

I don’t think anyone was more disappointed than I was when Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election. The way I expressed my disappointment was by writing letters to the editor. It never once occurred to me that throwing a rock or breaking a window was a legitimate way to express my feelings.

It quickly became clear to me that there is a difference in the way people on the “left” think. They preach tolerance as long as they get what they want, but are viciously intolerant when they don’t.

As years of experience with Obama and Clinton has shown, deception is considered a legitimate part of doing business. There are no ethical limits when you consider yourself morally superior to others.

Young people who have been indoctrinated by the left in our schools and universities have not been taught the skill of critical thinking. They have been programmed to react in the same way as the Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany or the Young Pioneers of Red China. They march mindlessly down the “shining path” in route to a false new order that is older than the dawn of man. Gregory H. Bontrager

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Lives of innocent Americans should be considered in illegal immigration debate
Topeka Capital Journal | August 9, 2015

The first time I became aware of the devastating effects of criminal activity perpetrated against American citizens by illegal aliens came shortly after I graduated from the Emergency Medical Technician program at Wichita State University.

I was working as a volunteer with the Sedgwick County EMS reserve when the unit I was stationed with responded to a multi-car accident. When we arrived at the scene several automobiles where overturned and the smell of gasoline permeated the air.

Wichita fire department personnel worked skillfully to stabilize the scene and extract an elderly couple who had been pinned in their vehicle. I participated in CPR on one of the victims but unfortunately both citizens died as a result of the injury’s they sustained.

I found out later the accident was caused by an illegal alien who had stolen a car and then attempted to evade the police in a high speed chase.

I never learned the fate of the perpetrator of this crime but I often wonder how many times a day innocent Americans are victimized at the hands of illegals who have no right to be in the United States.

I wish our president and supporters of the sanctuary city concept cared as much about the lives of innocent Americans as they do increasing their voter base.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Liberal nations letting citizens become terror prey
The Hutchinson News | March 28, 2016The European continent has been thrown into chaos by hordes of uninvited Muslim immigrants who are disproportionately comprised of young men who have abandoned their own women and children to seek safety for themselves. They show contempt for the indigenous population and have a psychopathic sense of self-entitlement.

Everywhere these so-called immigrants have been permitted to nest, crime rates have skyrocketed and civil chaos has followed. In countries like Sweden, Germany and France, women and children can no longer walk down once-safe streets for fear of being accosted by these violent sociopaths. Peaceful neighborhoods have become hunting grounds for gangs of predatory refugees.

Instead of protecting their citizens from these barbarians, the liberal governments of Europe and the United States are allowing the brutalization of their own populations at the politically correct altar of multiculturalism. In the masochistic liberal mindset, the defense of your own citizens from predation by foreign invaders has become an act of intolerance.

Can anyone answer the question why other Muslim countries refuse to accept these refugees who share their own faith? Take a look at Europe and the answer becomes obvious.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Letter: Guard the border
Topeka Capital Journal | July 1, 2010  

When are we going to take the gloves off? With the escalating violence on the Mexican border spilling into the U.S., what better use for the thousands of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan than to secure our southern border?

I am tired of seeing my country trashed by drug dealers and human traffickers.

What disturbs me even more is watching our political leadership bend to appease a Mexican government that actively encourages its citizens to break our immigration laws while it ruthlessly enforces its own.

We are being invaded by foreigners who don't care about our nation or our heritage. They are here for one reason, to take. Whether it be from our schools or medical system, these criminals continue to consume the life's blood of our elderly, children and working class.

We should expel those who have committed a criminal act by entering our nation illegally. If you have come to the U.S. by marriage fraud or any other illegal means you are not an immigrant, you are a criminal. You have no right to be here.

When will we man up and stop this invading army of marauders?Gregory H. Bontrager

Southern border wall
The Hutchinson News | Sep 29, 2015

The fact is walling off our southern border with Mexico would be a relatively minor engineering feat. In areas where barriers have been erected, they have been very effective.

Walls are not a panacea, but physical security is always a good starting point. The most vocal opponents of a wall on the border are sanctuary city types who think an open border will help secure their re-election by pandering to their voter base— Gregory H. Bontrager

Deadly Greed
Topeka-Capital Journal - January 12, 2011

If the Mexican government spent as much time and energy protecting its citizens from human traffickers and drug dealers as it does race-baiting the United States, maybe a lot of suffering could be avoided. If you are worried about the Mexican people, ask the Mexican government what it is doing to protect its citizens? Zero.

The fact is the Mexican government is pimping its citizens out for cold hard U.S. cash. That's it in a nutshell: money! Mexican men, woman and children abused, degraded and murdered by fellow Mexicans, all done with the complicity of the Calderon administration.

What are the words to that old song? "I ain' t got no-body." It's not American guns or drug-users or evil corporations driving up the body count in Mexico, it's greed for U.S. currency and an overriding disregard for the welfare of its own citizens, driven by the oldest motivator in the world: money.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Blame Obama, not Trump
The Wichita Eagle| December 10, 2015

I don’t think Donald Trump said anything that bad; a moratorium on Muslim immigration is the prudent thing to do until we get control of this mess President Obama has created. This is Obama’s fault, not Trump’s.

Trump is not afraid to protect us from these terrorists, which is more than Obama or Hillary Clinton will do. I bet the Europeans wish they had never allowed the Muslims to settle in Europe in the first place; they have caused nothing but trouble. They will do the same thing here.

We need a president who will put Americans first.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Don't like it here? You can leave
The Hutchinson News |Sep 7, 2016

The "old white men" that created the United States and Europe must have done something right because minority groups from around the world risk their lives to get to the country's they created.

I haven't seen any Mexicans or Syrians storming the beaches of Cuba or China. If “Black Lives Matter” thinks the United States is so bad, try the paradise of Mozambique or Angola and see how that works out for you.

European people have done more than any other group to bring equality, prosperity and stability to the turbulent world of humanity. That is why the world wants to be in the countries that they created.

Anytime you think you have it so bad, remember you are always free to find someplace better.Gregory H. Bontrager


Playing 'Games'
The Hutchinson News | November 20, 2015

I wonder why "The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence waited until after she made $52 million before she discovered how much she disliked Christians and Republicans.

Someone at Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. should suggest to Lawrence that she could always return that portion of the money if she finds it morally objectionable—Gregory H. Bontrager

Will There Be Christmas for Christian-Basher Jennifer Lawrence?
John Nolte | 24 Dec, 2015

One of Hollywood’s brightest (and only) stars, Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, might be dimming. In the wake of her bigoted attacks on traditional Christians, there has been a noticeable shift in her box office fortunes, starting with the unexpected under-performance of the concluding chapter of the once-massively successful “Hunger Games” franchise.

Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Hey Trump, F*ck You!’
by Daniel Nussbaum

“I was at a concert that I heard he was attending, so I had my full security, I was like, ‘Find Donald Trump,'” Lawrence told Norton. “Because I was adamant on finding him and then making a video of me going, ‘Hey Trump, f*ck you!'”

Judge Alex Ferrer rips Colin Kaepernick's defense of Castro

Freedom of speech can be a double-edged sword
The Hutchinson News | 11/2/16

Colin Kaepernick is entitled to express his feelings, and I am free to boycott the team he plays for.

People who make their living performing before the public, whether they be athletes or movie stars, need to be aware that the way they express themselves may potentially devastate their careers.

Freedom of expression is very often a double-edged sword. If you offend your audience, don't be surprised if they no longer consume the product you produce.—Gregory H. Bontrager

  The Destruction of David Petraeus
The sharks smell blood, the blood of a retired US Army four
star general who’s treading water as the Hammerheads and Great Whites circle around him and close in for the kill.

DOJ Inaction Against Hillary Proves of Selective Prosecution in the
United States

The zeal with which the government prosecutors pursued Petraeus, and have pursued other Americans who have spent their lives and careers defending and fighting for this country in battlefields, and in the war against terrorism, has raised questions and concerns about selective and political prosecutions – in Mr. Petraeus’ case, persecution.

Obama’s Petraeus obsession

In politically driven moods, the ancient Romans often wiped from history all mention of a prior hero or celebrity. They called such erasures damnatio memoriae. The Soviet Union likewise airbrushed away, or “Trotskyized,” all the images of any past kingpin who became politically incorrect. The Obama administration seems obsessed with doing the same to
retired Gen. David Petraeus.

Obama administration purges the ranks of most capable leaders
The Hutchinson News | May 6, 2016, 2016

David Petraeus is one of the greatest military minds of our era. He snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the Iraq war and handed a slam-dunk to the Obama administration.

Instead of capitalizing on this victory, Obama replaced a generation of political and military success in the Middle East with the specter of a nuclear armed Iran and a cult of death that has metastasized throughout the world.

While Gen. Petraeus’ name has been dragged through the mud for his indiscretions, 6,600 convicted felons have been released from prison by the Obama administration because their sentences were deemed too harsh. The misconduct of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outweighs anything Gen. Petraeus did, yet she receives a pass from the Democratic Party elite.

According to retired Gen. Paul Vallely, this follows a pattern by the Obama administration of purging the ranks of our most capable military leaders.

If anyone deserves consideration for the mistakes they made, it is heroes like Gen. David Petraeus, not thousands of dope peddlers or crooked politicians like Hillary Clinton.— Gregory H. Bontrager


DNC stars not shining / Clinton shouldn't be next president
The Kansan | Apr. 17 2015

The stars of the Democratic Party shine so bright don’t they? After eight years of the Obama administration’s “transparency,” are we ready for more shenanigans from the Clinton clan? With single-minded determination, Hillary Clinton engages in questionable conduct then takes cover behind an ever-so-willing mainstream media.

The only thing predictable about Clinton are the fables she concocts to cover the ridiculously avoidable behavior she engages in. Like the perfectly innocent taking of money from foreign governments and all those emails she deleted from her personal server. We are obligated to take Clinton’s word that everything she does is just rosy. After all, the Clintons have never done anything questionable have they?

Lanny Davis and James Carville bristle with indignation at the thought that anyone would question the veracity of the anointed heir apparent to the White House. Sinister right-wing forces must be hard at work forcing madam Clinton to do all those dumb things. Yes that’s Just what we need, a few more years of sneaky duplicitous behavior from the (next) president of the United States.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Hillary seeks 'birthright'
The Hutchinson News | June 16, 2014

The Hillary Clinton spin machine is gearing into full speed. The facts of a life dedicated to ruthless self-promotion have now become an inconvenient liability in Madam Clinton’s compulsive upstream swim to her God-given birthright – the occupation of the White House.

It’s not Clinton’s concern for the welfare of the American people that matters but an ego bordering on sociopathic narcissism and the simple fact that “Bubba” wants to walk the halls of the people’s House again in search of gullible young interns and unlimited access to the television camera.

The only tether binding the former first lady to the current administration is her shameless ability to distort the truth without breaking stride. “What difference does it make” indeed when you’re in pursuit of the biggest entitlement of your life, the presidency of the United States.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Clinton is running incognito
The Wichita Eagle | May 26, 2015

This is the first time I have seen a presidential candidate run a campaign incognito – from behind a pair of sunglasses and appearing in carefully staged “media events.” Hillary Clinton acts more like she’s afraid she’s being profiled on “America’s Most Wanted” than she does someone running for president of the United States. Usually a candidate wants as much media exposure as possible, but in Clinton’s case the more you see the less appealing she becomes.

Clinton has calculated that she has the Democratic nomination wrapped up, so why upset the apple cart answering questions about influence peddling, big-money deals with foreign governments and deleted e-mails? Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., summed it up best: Clinton needs two planes – one for herself and another for all that baggage.

If you want to see the way a Clinton presidency will operate, look at the way she is running her campaign and then draw your own conclusions. Is this a snapshot of a Clinton presidency?— Gregory H. Bontrager

Bernie Sanders got scammed
The Hutchinson News | Aug 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders is a socialist cliche who hasn’t had an original thought since he honeymooned in Russia 28 years ago.

Poor Sen. Sanders got scammed by the queens of corruption, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton, and then he laid at the feet of Clinton like a puppy.

What will happen to the misguided people who placed their hopes in Bernie Sanders? They will be expected to smile and joyfully march into the arms of the Clinton political machine and forget how cynically they have been abused.Gregory H. Bontrager

BREAKING: That Was Fast! Hillary Immediately Brings Disgraced DNC Chair Onto Her Campaign!
Posted at 5:03 pm on July 24, 2016 by Caleb Howe

Court seized power
The Wichita Eagle | February 19, 2016

If the fate of a nation rests on a single Supreme Court nomination, that can only mean the court has become too powerful and gone beyond the powers envisioned by our founders. The court’s mission is to interpret law, not act as a dictatorial body unrestrained by the legislature.

By what measure has our Constitution given the court power to bus your children into other neighborhoods, allow abortion or deem homosexual marriage legal? None. The court has seized that extra-constitutional power for itself and acts as a dictatorial body unrestrained by the will of the governed.

Cross out the word “judge” and replace it with “Caesar” or “Fuhrer” and the end has become the same – unelected government officials forcing themselves on an unwilling population. Your life and children have become subjects of social experimentation at the hands of activist judges who not only have ceded to themselves the power of judge but usurped the role of jury and executioner as well.

At what point in our democracy do we apply the brakes to an errant court that has overstepped its constitutional boundary?—Gregory H. Bontrager

Four Americans more than a footnote / Benghazi haunts Hillary
Topeka Capital Journal | May 18, 2014

Unfortunately for President Obama’s administration and Democratic heir apparent Hillary Clinton, the Benghazi scandal has sprouted a new pair of legs. The four Americans who were abandoned by their country may soon become more than just another footnote in the sorted legacy of the Obama administration.

Perhaps Clinton will discover “what a difference it really does make” as her complicity in this sinister affair becomes apparent to even the most limited voters. You reap what you sow, and if the American people want to continue with this progressive, liberal belly-flop into another presidential election cycle, Clinton will make the ideal candidate.

In fairness to Clinton, she does possess that Bernie Madoff skill-set of milking the progressive Ponzi scheme until even the best and brightest have been thoroughly flimflammed—Gregory H. Bontrager

Obama re-election a national mistake
Topeka Capital Journal - November 10, 2012

With the re-election of Barack Obama, the United States has officially become a banana republic. From a nation that produced patriots like Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy, we have knowingly selected the lowest common denominator as our commander in chief.

From China to Iran, the enemies of freedom can now breathe a collective sigh of relief as the citizens of the United States have placed an empty suit at the helm of state. To think the American people would select Barack Obama over a man like Mitt Romney is a national embarrassment that we will not soon overcome.

Never in history has a nation so great fallen so far, so fast, as ours did on Nov. 6, 2012. Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Using this definition, anyone who expects anything from Obama must be insane.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Third-rate leaders
The Hutchinson News | 9/29/13

When progressive liberals, including the president, are confronted with opposing points of view, they often resort to unfounded accusations or name-calling of the crudest sort. Bigotry and prejudice are unpardonable, except when they do it.

Progressives feel justified in their own hypocrisy, which is why we have IRS-type scandals. They consider themselves morally superior to the rest of us, so normal rules of conduct don't apply to them. Only in partisan Obama circles could the last five years be touted as a success.

Domestic and international policies are formulated in stumbling ad-hoc leaps resulting in one failure after another. To progressives, success is determined by ideology rather than what is in the best interest of the people. We are a first-class nation with third-rate leaders who have made us the laughingstock of the world—Gregory H. Bontrager

U.S. receding as power
The Hutchinson News | August 29, 2014

It’s almost biblical the way the United States is receding as the pre-eminent World power. And with our decline chaos follows. We lack even the rudimentary political will to control our own borders, much less our vital interests around the world. As Friedrich Nietzsche said generations ago “out of chaos comes order.” The frightening thing is Nietzsche’s kind of order comes at the price of our freedom and if you live in the Middle East … maybe your head.

As the forces of darkness coalesce around our “shining city on the hill” feckless self-serving cowards inhabit the seats of power in Washington. Our enemies' fear has turned into mocking laughter, as this stranded giant can’t even stop foreign children from walking across our border in broad daylight. Deviant lifestyles are taught as if they were normal in our schools and left-wing disinformation is passed off as truth.

Day by day the agencies responsible for maintaining order are being used as tools to spy on and persecute honest citizens because of their political views. As free American citizens it is time that we reassert our constitutional sovereignty and take back our government from leftist usurpers who are determined to save us from ourselves whether we like it or not.— Gregory H. Bontrager

The big lie
Topeka Capital Journal -September 27, 2009

It's true, there is no lie too big to tell. As the debate on health care moves toward legislation, let's not forget how our truth-telling Chicago politician and his crowd - Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi - tried to stifle debate and shove their Orwellian health care plan down our throats sight unseen.

The "Brave New World" is upon us, brought on by President Obama and the socialist left and those other honest folks who inhabit the slimy underbelly of the far left.

Our well-scripted president stood before the nation and handed us the same empty words that all propagandists have fed the masses ­- the big lie in a prim, articulate package.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Obama Zone
The Wichita Eagle | Sep. 11, 2012

You unlock this door with the key of intellectual dishonesty. Beyond this door is another dimension – a dimension of lies, a dimension of deceit, a dimension of unparalleled failure.

You’re moving into a land of both darkness and despair, of a downgraded credit rating and a $16 trillion deficit. You’ve crossed into a land where middle-class income dropped by 5 percent, and with the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. Congratulations, you’ve just crossed over into the Obama Zone—Gregory H. Bontrager

Obama will hand successor a world in chaos
Topeka Capital Journal - July 3 , 2015

When President Obama leaves office on January 20, 2017, he will hand his successor a world in chaos. On every front, this man has inflicted damage that will take generations of recovery.

Obama springs from the dissociative thought process of progressive liberalism. His administration has mastered the art of jumping from one deception, one disaster to another without missing a heartbeat. Truth becomes lies, war is peace, Orwellian memorabilia that fits the “most transparent administration in history” to a T.

Great leaders search for answers to the world’s problems, while Obama and the Clintons try to make the world fit politically correct solutions spawned by the ideological elitism of the left. And when they fail, which they always do, it’s at the hands of some vast conspiracy instead of their own incompetence.

To politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the acquisition of power is an end in itself, an entitlement. Words like “ethics” have become a punch line used at a fundraiser, and are always couched behind the fiction of looking out for the little guy.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Delusional leadership
The Kansan | Feb. 4, 2015

The resounding defeat suffered by Barack Obama on Nov. 4, 2014, wasn’t perceived by him as a rejection of his policies, but a failure to convince the simple minded proletariat just how good the Kool-Aid tastes.

We will suffer through two more years of delusional leadership that has more resemblance to a bad LSD trip than a coherent strategy for the welfare of the nation.

With the rejection of his policies by the American people, Obama is attempting to circumvent the rule of law through the use of executive orders and regulatory fiat.

With everything he stands for in tatters, representative democracy has been dispensed with at every opportunity, in favor of forcing his will down the path favored by left-wing elitist like Jonathan Gruber and by pandering to the likes of Al Sharpton. How much more chaos will America suffer before rational government is reinstated?— Gregory H. Bontrager

Obama succeeding at incompetence
Topeka Capital Journal - February 3, 2014

If incompetence were an Olympic event, President Barack Obama would win the gold. Across the board and in every category, this Harvard-educated community organizer has set a new standard in how to mess things up.

If there is a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, just stand back and let Barack be Barack. From the South China Sea to the finest health care system in the world, calamity follows in the wake of this clueless left-winger whose primary skill is standing in front of a teleprompter telling one lie after another.

Does Obama really care about the plight of the American people? Ask former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. or the 5.6 million innocent Americans who have been unceremoniously kicked off their health insurance plans.

The United States has a problem, for sure. It’s the “ends justify the means” philosophy of progressive liberals like Obama and the academic elitists like Zeke Emanuel. These folks know what’s better for you than you do, and think nothing of using the coercive power of the state to force you into submission.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Into the abyss
Topeka Capital Journal - December 25, 2011

America is being held hostage by the most destructive force in modern history. This malignant force didn’t come from Russia or China, but the halls of Harvard and a cadre of ultra-left, America-hating higher educational organizations.

The end result of this education is Barack Obama, a confused, disorganized, incompetent mentality who can only survive in the fish bowl of the cloistered halls of some Ivy League world of make believe. We find ourselves spiraling into the abyss, led by a clueless narcissist who will stop at nothing to extend his failed regime without a wit of concern that he is dragging the rest of us down with him. Merry Christmas, Jimmy Carter, your place as the most incompetent president in history has been taken by Obama.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Border crisis is third-world invasion of U.S. / Third world invasion has begun
Topeka Capital Journal | August 17, 2014

The third-world invasion of the United States has begun. The invaders walk across our southern border and are cared for at taxpayer expense. At the same time, the most highly-trained soldiers in the world are receiving shoddy medical treatment at home.

Among the invaders are gang members and violent criminals who call themselves as children. Is this just another unintended consequence of the most incompetent administration in history or a calculated effort to polarize the electorate along racial lines?

When all you have to offer is six years of total failure, the only strategy left is to divide and conquer.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Seal the border
The Hutchinson News
| Feb 25, 2014

When Texas district attorney Mike McLelland and Kaufman County, Texas, prosecutor Mark Hasse were brazenly gunned down earlier this year, a chill colder than jagged steel tore through the heart of the American law enforcement community.

It was widely believed that these demonic murders were retaliation for the recent convictions of upper-echelon Aryan Brotherhood gang members and that the killings bore a striking similarity to Mexican drug cartel assassinations.

A disgraced Kaufman County magistrate appears to have been the perpetrator of the murders. The disturbing thing is that, with the porous southern border, these assassinations could easily have been carried out by Mexican murder squads that could have walked across the border in broad daylight. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported that Mexican cartels are currently setting up shop in American cities, controlling wholesale drug distribution across the nation.

The question is: When will these Mexican narco terrorists, many of whom were trained by U.S. special forces, bring their grisly brand of violence to the main streets of America, and will we deal with this threat in the same corrupt, spineless way as the Mexican government?

Sealing this porous southern border with Mexico should be our first priority in safeguarding the American people from terrorist threats from Mexico and around the world. With a fraction of the money and effort expended in the Afghan war, this would be an easily obtainable goal. The question is: Do U.S. leaders have the political will to safeguard their citizens from terror by closing this wide-open border with Mexico? My hunch is they don't.—Gregory H. Bontrager

Use our drones against druggies
Topeka Capital Journal | June 22, 2012

We have used Predator drones effectively to eradicate anti-American terrorists throughout the world. Maybe it’s time to target Mexican drug cartels.Give the Mexican government an ultimatum: Take care of business or the United States will. Let drug cartel members look to the uncertain skies with dread.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Invasion grows
Topeka Capital Journal -August 6, 2010

Not only are the citizens of Arizona being invaded from Mexico, it would seem the invasion also includes mercenaries bused in from neighboring states.

Evidently Arizona citizens aren't capable of handling their problems without help from George Soros of the Open Society Institute and his crowd. As left-wing fascism strikes at the heart of our nation, heroes like Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, stand firm in the face of provocation by radical left-wing organizations like the Service Employees International Union.

These barbarians are no longer at the gate. They have metastasized into the body politic of our sleeping nation.

With insidious deliberation, we are being devoured from within by forces alien to our Constitution who are replacing our beliefs with their distorted progressive dogma.

We must be aware, we must resist, or we will lose all that we value.— Gregory H. Bontrager

No friend to America
The Hutchinson News | Feb 03, 2011

Godfather of the progressive movement, billionaire George Soros of The Open Society Institute is silently trying to destabilize the American democracy. Hiding behind well-financed front organizations, this Judas, who as a youth during World War II assisted in confiscating property of fellow Jews (as revealed in a 1998 "60 Minutes" interview), hides his nefarious financial empire offshore to avoid the scrutiny of U.S. financial regulators. He will use any means necessary to reshape the world in his own twisted, left-wing image.

With billions of dollars and insidious fifth-column maneuverings, Soros is attempting to encircle independent media outlets and replace the truth with his progressive "one world" dogma. What happens to those who stray from Soros' path? Ask Juan Williams, formerly of National Public Radio. Using mouthpieces like the Huffington Post, Soros is relentlessly moving toward the destruction of our core American values.

Unfortunately, Mr. Soros has run into a problem; fearlessly, Glenn Beck of Fox News is exposing this elitist socialist in his insidious plot to reshape our nation and the world in his own distorted, godless image. If Mr. Soros is successful in his endeavor, hopefully we will receive better treatment than he gave his fellow Hungarian Jews 65 years ago.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Stealing technology
Topeka Capital Journal -September 4, 2011

While the United States slumbers, an insidious assault is being perpetrated against our nation by the People's Republic of China. As reported by Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk
), the United States has become a virtual supermarket of unabated theft of military and commercial technology.

With our preoccupation with the war on terror, this looming superpower - more powerful and deadly than the former Soviet Union - is aggressively seeking to supplant the United States as the preeminent military and economic power on the globe.

Following a policy of appeasement, the Obama administration has abysmally failed to protect the American people from the Chinese. Why design for yourself when you can steal the best. And steal they do, from nuclear warheads to toaster ovens. According to Brooks, the PRC has 3,500 front companies in the U.S. whose sole purpose is the theft of our technology.

While Red China plays military and economic hardball, the Obama administration remains oblivious, exposing America to what may be the greatest threat to our national survival in modern history.— Gregory H. Bontrager

This is a friend?
Topeka Capital Journal -April 28, 2011

Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump has finally had the nerve to use the “C” word — you know, that 800-pound gorilla in the room that everyone seems to ignore. China steals our technology with impunity and has implanted malware in our power grid.

The Chinese have a specially designed ballistic missile
just waiting to take out our carrier battle groups. They manipulate their currency to take unfair advantage of us, and we owe them tons of money. But I guess we don’t have anything to worry about do we? They are our friends, right?— Gregory H. Bontrager

Pentagon report says China weaponizing man-made islands in South China Sea
Published May 14, 2016

A new Pentagon reported released Friday said that China has reclaimed more than 3,200 acres of land in the South China Sea and the country’s focus has shifted to developing and weaponinzing the man-made islands.

The Defense Department said three of the artificial lands in the Spratly Islands sport 10,000-foot runways and large ports in various stages of construction. China has also excavated deep channels, created and dredged harbors, and constructed communications, logistics and intelligence gathering facilities.

The report states that China will enhance its presence in the contested South China Sea with its airfields, ship facilities, surveillance and weapons equipment. And those things don’t give the country any new territorial rights.

"This would improve China's ability to detect and challenge activities by rival claimants or third parties, widen the range of capabilities available to China, and reduce the time required to deploy them," according to the report released Friday.

"China is using coercive tactics short of armed conflict, such as the use of law enforcement vessels to enforce maritime claims, to advance their interests in ways that are calculated to fall below the threshold of provoking conflict," the report adds.

The acre figure only represents the land China reclaimed in the Spratly chain and doesn’t include the building in the Paracels and Woody Island. The Pentagon said China has deployed anti-aircraft missiles to Woody Island.

The Pentagon declined to release details on the amount of increased reclamation in the Paracels or to provide a more concrete estimate of the increase in building in the Spratly Islands.

China has repeatedly defended its land reclamation projects, by saying it is Beijing’s territory, adding that the buildings and infrastructure are for public service use and to support fishermen. It accuses the Philippines, Vietnam and others of carrying out their own building work on other islands.

The report also notes that China has continued to assert sovereignty over the East China Sea, including the Senkaku Islands, which are administered by Japan.

Vietnam, China and Taiwan all claim the Paracels, and the three along with the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei claim all or parts of the Spratlys. The U.S. says it takes no side in the territorial disputes, but supports freedom of passage through the area, which is one of the world's busiest sea lanes.

The report also repeats assertions by Defense Secretary Ash Carter that continued provocation by China may only improve U.S. relations in the Asia Pacific.

"China's increasingly assertive efforts to advance its national sovereignty and territorial claims, its forceful rhetoric, and lack of transparency about its growing military capabilities and strategic decision-making continue to raise tensions and have caused countries in the region to enhance their ties to the United States," the report said.

U.S. officials have been increasingly concerned China's activities could be a prelude to enforcing a possible air defense identification zone over the South China Sea, similar to one it declared over disputed Japanese-held islands in the East China Sea in 2013.

As noted in previous year's reports, China continues to target U.S. government and Defense Department computer systems through cyber intrusions. The report said that during 2015, China used it's cyber capabilities to spy on the U.S. and steal information from computer networks.

"The information targeted could potentially be used to benefit China's defense industry, high-technology industries, and provide the CCP insights into U.S. leadership perspectives on key China issues," the report said. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

U.S. Energy flaws
Kansas City Star | 07/05/2013

Once again, the Obama administration has proved itself tone deaf to the energy needs of the American people by lacing his desire to appease the radicals of the eco-left ahead of the security and economic needs of the nation.

Clean, abundant coal with the thousands of jobs it created was the first casualty. Now the Keystone XL pipeline continues to be held hostage by the administration despite empirical evidence of the safety and viability of the project.

It would appear that on the food chain of political priorities, the welfare of the nation ranks behind a minority of environmental radicals who view us and our energy needs as an impediment to their extreme agenda. All it would take is the stroke of the president’s pen and Keystone with all its benefits would become a reality.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Left-wing slogan
The Wichita Eagle | 03/10/2015

Global warming/climate change is based on conventional wisdom, not science. It has become a left-wing slogan to rally the simpleminded. As we can see, the simpler the minds, the more they love the concept.

The problem is the facts don’t back up the theory. Man-made global warming/climate change has been effectively debunked. Liberals have become so invested in the concept they are willing to accept a fairy tale.

After all, the Earth is flat, isn’t it?— Gregory H. Bontrager

Develop our own energy resources
Topeka-Capital Journal - September 20, 2012

The United States sits on untapped oil reserves estimated up to 2.3 trillion barrels, three times the reserves of OPEC. We are also the world’s largest producer of natural gas and coal.

So why do we spend billions importing petroleum from hostile powers and enriching our enemies when we are literally the energy capital of the world? This energy can be obtained safely but we allow misguided politicians and eco-radicals to block our path to energy independence and the revitalization of our economy.

In the meantime, we sit on an untapped gold mine that could free us of debt from China and dependence on Middle East principalities that hate us. We should be reaping the reward of our own natural resources. Energy independence by 2020 is an easily obtainable goal. The alternative is bondage to foreign powers that gloat at our misfortune.

The presidential election this November will be decisive in determining if the United States remains a superpower or fades into the obscurity of history.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Death panels are here
The Hutchinson News | October 14, 2014

Obamacare isn’t going to call them death panels. The pattern will play out similar to the VA scandal. By limiting timely access to healthcare by using administrative delays, they are rationing healthcare. In effect, they have created death panels by allowing those most in need to die before receiving an appointment for medical treatment.

This is no longer in the realm of theory; faceless, nameless bureaucrats who sit at desks and care more about budgets and hiding mistakes will coldly, callously let you die.

What makes you think Barack Obama, who is off for a round of golf after the brutal beheading of a fellow American, will spend much time worrying about the fate of you and your family?— Gregory H. Bontrager

Letter: Debate feared
Posted March 12, 2009 11:00 pm - Updated March 14, 2009 10:46 pm
By The Capital-Journal

Keith Olbermann of MSMBC's nightly program "Countdown" never engages in debate on his program. It's always stacked with people who agree with him. Is Olbermann scared to face an opponent? Like a typical liberal, with the most unflattering sound and video bites taken out of context, Olbermann shoots fish in a barrel because he can't stand the heat of face to face debate. While Olbermann courageously faces down his teleprompter and hand picked guests, some of us appreciate a fair exchange of ideas. Like them or not, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity give their opponents an opportunity to express their views.Gregory H. Bontrager

Liberal invasion
The Hutchinson News | Posted Apr 11, 2013

The intrusion into our lives by well-meaning progressives has become pervasive. Who would have believed that the mayor of a major American city would try to mandate the size of the soda you could buy or that an appointed 15-person panel in Washington, D.C., would dictate the medical treatment you may receive.

Progressive liberals have one thing in common: They know what's better for you than you do. They give us utopian promises backed by trillion-dollar deficits, crony capitalism and a stagnant economy. All they ask in return for "utopia" is your freedom, while exempting themselves from the same rules the rest of us are mandated to live by.

Will New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg or the Hollywood elite be placed on a waiting list to see the doctor or denied medical treatment? Will they be forced to walk down streets with guards who are not permitted to carry semiautomatic weapons? Of course not, but these same elitists will demand this of you and your family.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Fox News holds administration accountable
Topeka-Capital Journal - December 16, 2012

When we watch the media’s coverage of President Obama, are we viewing professional journalism or another episode of American Idol? The tough, relentless questioning that follows congressional Republicans vanishes when the media is covering the Democratic/Obama left.

From Benghazi to the “fiscal cliff,” the Obama regime has been given a softball pass by NBC, ABC and CBS. These once great news organizations have become grotesque caricatures as they shill for the “most transparent administration in history.”

The only light in this dark room has been provided by Fox News. On critical issues, Fox is routinely excluded from White house briefings. According to White House adviser David Axelrod, “Fox is not a real news organization.” Could it be that Fox tells the American people the uncomfortable truth instead of the administration spin?

As twilight descends on objective Journalism in America, the only firewall between the American people and the complete subjugation of the press by the progressive/Obama left has been Fox News.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Officers shortchanged
Topeka-Capital Journal - March 03, 2008

How does it feel to be slapped in the face? If you are a corrections officer in Kansas, you know. The sad fact is the slap didn't come from an inmate, but the Legislature.

Instead of being recognized for safeguarding the safety and welfare of the community, we are being treated like a doormat. While legislators sit safely in guarded chambers and walk on polished marble floors, corrections officers walk on hard concrete with the sound of steel on steel and the ever-present danger of sudden physical assault.

At a time when assaults on staff are increasing, coupled with an overwhelming turnover rate, the Legislature is attempting to reduce the standard of living of Kansas Department of Corrections employees. It is attempting to take away our cost of living increase, our longevity pay and, in a feeble attempt to appease us, it wishes to issue an insulting 1.5 percent wage increase.

Add to this that inmates of the KDOC can take grievances to Topeka for review, but the Legislature is attempting to take away that right for corrections officers. Inmates seem to have gained more rights than law-abiding citizens. As citizens, we pay for gas, medical care, food and a roof over our heads; this is all provided to inmates at taxpayer expense.

Kansans should be outraged at the treatment we are receiving from our elected leaders. Kansas corrections officers rank 40th in pay in the United States. Corrections officers represent part of the thin line that stands between "them" and the community. With every action the Legislature takes, that line is becoming thinner.

While legislators retire with hefty pensions, the dedicated men and woman of the KDOC will continue to sink into a low standard of living while working in an increasingly violent environment—Gregory H. Bontrager

Beware of 'predator'
The Hutchinson News - Febuary 23, 2010

Citizens of the United States beware. At this moment, you are being stalked by a cunning, sophisticated predator. Thousands of American men and women have fallen victim to this ruthless hunter. The tool this predator uses is a smile, and the warm embrace of a lover.

This predator has one goal, to gain entry into the United States by marrying an American citizen. Once this objective is accomplished, you have served your purpose. You will be discarded like a rag.

Be assured this predator is not alone. He or she will have access to attorneys who specialize in distorting the intent of our legal system.

No matter how unethical, they will get the job done. The predator, through legal maneuvering, is now transformed into a "victim.—Gregory H. Bontrager

Letter: Marriage game
The Capital-Journal -September 12, 2010

As the market in marriage fraud grows unabated, Kansans are increasingly targeted by dishonest foreign nationals who marry citizens to gain entry into the United States. These people will use any means necessary to escape poverty and social deprivation, including destroying your reputation and financial well-being.

Aided and abetted by attorneys and many well-intentioned church and social organizations, a silent atrocity is being perpetrated against innocent Americans who have naively married foreign nationals.

Without hesitation, your home, job and standing in the community will be sacrificed to maintain their visa status. Your rights as an American citizen have become secondary in the new world order of political correctness.

Are all such marriages fraudulent? Of course not, but beware if you are marrying a foreign national, you are placing yourself in a high risk category.
—Gregory H. Bontrager

Letter: Threat from within
The Capital-Journal - August 06, 2008

Americans live in a world of many threats from abroad. One of the least understood or talked about is marriage fraud. Foreign nationals will marry American citizens solely to gain entry into the United States.

Thanks to the Violence Against Women Act, safeguards that once protected U.S. citizens from this type of fraud have been largely swept away.

There are Web sites that instruct foreigners how to circumvent U.S. law by using VAWA and an abundance of attorneys who specialize in distorting the well-meaning intent of this law.

While we wage war in Afghanistan and Iraq to combat terrorism, this insidious form of terrorism is taking its toll on American citizens inside our own borders.

Don't count on help from your government or elected officials, you will be met with indifference or open hostility. Chief among this group is Sen. Sam Brownback. Only Ted Kennedy has a more liberal voting record on this issue.

This elitist group has tuned a blind eye to fraud perpetrated against their own honest, hard-working citizens, while claiming to do so in the name of justice and fair play.—Gregory H. Bontrager

Abused orders
Topeka-Capital Journal - February 24, 2010

Protection from abuse orders were put in place to address a serious problem. Unfortunately, they have become a tool used by dishonest attorneys or vengeful spouses to extort money or seek revenge on hapless spouses.

By the thousands, Kansans are labeled "abusers" by those who have a vested interest in misrepresenting the truth. Unscrupulous attorneys shamelessly manipulate protection from abuse rules for financial gain while masquerading under the color of law.

Even more disturbing is that our judiciary will stand idly by as false claims of abuse are taken at face value. With a wink and a nod, the reputations of Kansans are being destroyed in a quasi-legal process with standards akin to the Salem witch hunts.

Why is this disgrace allowed to continue? Because most legislators are attorneys, guaranteeing themselves continued profits at the expense of honest folks in what has become a corrupt money making scam called "divorce.—Gregory H. Bontrager

Judiciary's integrity iffy
The Hutchinson News - Febuary 10, 2010

There needs to be a comprehensive investigation of the 27th judicial district. In my view, The Hutchinson News article of Nov. 27 represents the tip of the iceberg. I don't think this is a problem with one judge, but a result of having elected officials whom the community has allowed to take up residency in their positions.

An examination of various attorneys and their relationship with the Reno County courts is in order. From personal experience I have called into question the conduct of our legal/judicial system as it relates to civil issues in Reno County. I believe cronyism and favoritism are rampant in the 27th district.

I am of the opinion the Commission on Judicial Qualifications' primary roll is not to protect the citizenry from bad judges, but to protect judges from legitimate grievances of the public. I personally have had a local attorney refuse to take me as a client because I filed a complaint against one of our local judges. I was warned by another attorney to drop my complaint "because this is a small town with a long memory."

Such is the political environment in Reno County. Lawyers who have to appear before the same judge year after year have more concern for their careers than the welfare of their clients.—Gregory H. Bontrager

Bush Jr. showed respect
The Hutchinson News | November 26, 2014

I frequently had concerns about the policies of President George Bush Jr. but I never questioned his integrity or patriotism. He placed the welfare of the country above partisan politics and tried to do the right thing for all of us. I miss the respect he showed the American people and the honesty he brought to our White House.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Appreciating Reagan
Topeka-Capital Journal - October 29, 2013

The foundation for our modern military and economic growth was established during the Reagan era. All the left-wing revisionism in the world can’t change that.

President Ronald Reagan pulled the United States out of recession within the first two years of his administration and placed the nation on the road to unprecedented prosperity. He did this with sound economic policy and an ability to work with people of differing political views. That is an attribute profoundly lacking in the current administration.

Reagan navigated government shutdowns that were managed as painlessly as possible. That, too, is unlike the Obama administration, which uses every opportunity to treat the American people as if they are pawns to be played for maximum political effect.—Gregory H. Bontrager

We need Reagan
The Hutchinson News | Mar 6, 2013

If Ronald Reagan had been elected in 2008, the recession of that year would be a receding memory. Instead of fleeing the country to escape unreasonable taxation and regulation, a renaissance would be sweeping American businesses. The national coffers would be overflowing with tax revenue from a booming economy. Unemployment would be a fading nuisance and our military would be second to none.

A Reagan administration would promote technologies like "fracking" and the Keystone Pipeline to make us energy independent. The Chinese would never attempt to hack Reagan White House computers and Iran and North Korea would be quivering under a rock.

Instead of Reagan's vision of a "shining city on the hill," we are being guided into a slum by a Pied Piper and a Democratic Party that knows no shame.

Does anybody ever look at Al Gore and think, "My God, this guy was almost elected president?" In five years, will anybody look at Barack Obama and think, "My God, this guy got elected president twice?"— Gregory H. Bontrager

Obama demagogues
Topeka Capital Journal - October 16, 2011

The Kansas congressional delegation is trying to save the nation from the total mismanagement of our entitlement programs by President Obama and his misguided supporters. Every reasonable approach taken by the Republicans to solve the entitlement problem is demagogue as an attack on those most dependent on these programs.

instead of working with the Republicans, Democrats are using scare tactics to advance their political agenda.

How ludicrous to hear our president speak of fighting for the middle class when the focus of his administration has been the advancement of his job-destroying progressive agenda.

The failure of the Democrats to resolve the nation’s problems is a prelude to what will likely be the most negative presidential campaign in our history. Obama’s only hope of retaining the presidency will be by pitting class against class and race against race.

Clearly the welfare of the nation is secondary to Obama’s blind ambition for power and his allegiance to “think tank” progressive dogma.—Gregory H. Bontrager

Obama is no Reagan
Topeka Capital Journal - February 25, 2013

If Ronald Reagan had been elected in 2008, the recession of that year would be a receding memory. Instead of fleeing the country to escape unreasonable taxation and regulation, a renaissance would be sweeping American businesses. The national coffers would be overflowing with tax revenue from a booming economy. Unemployment would be a fading nuisance and our military would be second to none.

A Reagan administration would promote technologies like “fracking” and the Keystone Pipeline to make us energy independent. The Chinese would never attempt to hack Reagan White House computers and Iran and North Korea would be quivering under a rock.

Instead of Reagan’s vision of a “shining city on the hill,” we are being guided into a slum by a Pied Piper and a Democratic Party that knows no shame.

Does anybody ever look at Al Gore and think, “My God, this guy was almost elected president?” In five years, will anybody look at Barack Obama and think, “My God, this guy got elected president twice?”— Gregory H. Bontrager

Beck the brilliant
Salina Journal- November 12, 2009

Glenn Beck of Fox News is a brilliant entertainer who overstates the truth the way truth is supposed to be overstated. The left is wilted by his blistering, hard-hitting persona and they just can't stand it.

With his impromptu style, Mr. Beck makes the toes of the neo-Marxist Obama administration curl like the Wicked Witch of the East in Munchkin Land. The closest thing the left can muster is Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. If he's the best you can do, all hands abandon ship. Um ... is that Barney Frank boarding that life boat?

Remember, if you repeat the truth over and over again someone will believe it. This is why the Obama administration hates Mr. Beck and Fox News with a passion.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Thomas pegs Obama
Topeka-Capital Journal - July 20, 2009

Once again, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas was on the mark. His insight, expressed in a recent column, into Obama's belief that a good press release or putting on a good show in front of a teleprompter makes for sound policy is so true.

The fact is, Obama is all fluff and very little substance. It's unfortunate that some liberals in this country swoon every time they see his face and fail to realize it's backed by a head filled with tried and failed left-wing policies as old as Karl Heinrich Marx.

Down the road to oblivion we travel, with the belief that Obama's pretty face and glib syntax are going to save us from something.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Who got bin Laden?
Topeka-Capital Journal - January 12, 2011

Did Obama kill Osama? No! If not for the groundwork of George Bush and Dick Cheney, Osama bin Laden could have been living in Trump Tower and the Obama administration wouldn't have had a clue.

Our brave Navy SEAL's, using information obtained from enhanced interrogation techniques and the policies of Bush/Cheney, led us to bin Laden, while the single greatest accomplishment of President Obama is to take credit for the work of someone else.

You can't have it both ways: If you're going to blame everything on "eight years of Bush," you have to give him credit for the demise of bin Laden too.—Gregory H. Bontrager

The Obama disaster
Topeka-Capital Journal - April 5, 2010

Within a year the full weight of the Obama disaster has become apparent. The democratic mantra of "the stimulus saved the economy" is a lie. The "stimulus" is nothing more than years of pent-up pork barrel spending financed on a sea of barrowed Chinese cash.

While schools close and unemployment lines swell, does our "new left" savior acknowledge his mistake? No, in true demagogic fashion he blames others for his failure and seeks to expand his disastrous policies with the claim "we haven't gone far enough." The health care plan is going to lower the deficit - like unemployment won't go above 8 percent, right?

Our government is in the hands of ne'er-do-wells who haven't got a clue beyond a youth spent in Ivy League classrooms that reek of half-baked socialist theory, educated idiots who couldn't organize a trip to the outhouse; cocktail party liberals like Barack Obama who seek to take from those who succeed and redistribute to those who don't.

Their indoctrination into left-wing dogma is complete, what Fidel Castro or Chairman Mao couldn't do "out of the barrel of a gun" our schools and universities have done in masterful fashion. These "angels of light" have hijacked our "shining city on the hill" and are transforming it into another bankrupt people's dog pile.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Sharpton, Jackson racially profiled Zimmerman
Topeka Capital Journal - July 27, 2013

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren’t interested in truth or justice. They are just making a living doing what they do best, race-baiting an innocent man.

Without a wit of concern that George Zimmerman was defending himself from a violent assault by a stranger in the darkness, these men of God profiled Zimmerman based on his racial ethnicity because he dared to defend himself from an African-American assailant.

These self-proclaimed leaders of the civil rights movement chose a course of high-profile demagoguery by appealing to the base instincts of the mob.

We have come to know the shenanigans of Sharpton and Jackson all too well. We can only hope more rational leaders among the African-American community will have the courage to step up and provide an alternative to the antics of these two cynical opportunists.—Gregory H. Bontrager

Holder beholden to wrong cause
Topeka Capital Journal - September 10, 2013

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder won’t be fired or resign because he is invaluable to President Barack Obama’s plans for America. Holder can be counted on to do the bidding of his master without question. Throughout history, it has been impossible for leaders like Obama to operate without functionaries like Holder.

Holder’s allegiance is not to the Constitution but to his political philosophy, which benevolently masquerades behind the iron fists of such agencies as the Internal Revenue Service.

With disregard for the law, this administration has shown a willingness to use government agencies in a chilling attempt to silence its political opponents. Using executive orders, Obama has shown contempt for constitutional authority by imposing his will on a population that has already spoken.— Gregory H. Bontrager

Topeka Capital Journal - March 16, 2011

Once the flagship of Internet services, AOL now occupies the corner booth in the Internet flea market. In an attempt to revive its fall from the stars. AOL has purchased the Huffington Post and anointed Arianna Huffington, cofounder of the site, president and editor-in-chief of the new and improved AOL.

What’s that you say — “forgive them, for they know not what they do”? Aha, but there is silver to be made by joining the “dark side,” and it doesn’t get any darker than the loony-left Huffington Post. Humm, do I smell the king of the loons George Soros lurking somewhere behind this?

It would appear AOL has sold itself to a new master to pump up the bank account at the expense of its soul — a perfect example of unbridled capitalism lacking a shred of moral fiber. Gregory H. Bontrager

Develop our own energy resources
Topeka Capital Journal - September 210, 2012

The United States sits on untapped oil reserves estimated up to 2.3 trillion barrels, three times the reserves of OPEC. We are also the world’s largest producer of natural gas and coal.

So why do we spend billions importing petroleum from hostile powers and enriching our enemies when we are literally the energy capital of the world? This energy can be obtained safely but we allow misguided politicians and eco-radicals to block our path to energy independence and the revitalization of our economy.

In the meantime, we sit on an untapped gold mine that could free us of debt from China and dependence on Middle East principalities that hate us. We should be reaping the reward of our own natural resources. Energy independence by 2020 is an easily obtainable goal. The alternative is bondage to foreign powers that gloat at our misfortune.

The presidential election this November will be decisive in determining if the United States remains a superpower or fades into the obscurity of history.Gregory H. Bontrager